If I decide to play Classic

Ahh, I see. I thought it was only to keep the Classic era, since the natural progression would be Classic > TBC. But making both options initially free to the player is a good idea.


Yeah, this highlights how little I know about the whole alternate story and play at the time. Some things when I started I just didn’t understand and still don’t.

Maybe some of the books I have can explain.

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Yep. Both versions are still free. You ONLY pay if for instance I wanted to play my rogue here in both Classic AND TBC era servers. On day 1 I can choose which era I want to play in for free. I’m choosing TBC. If I want to play classic later then I just need to log in to classic and pay the 35$ and activate the toon. It will already be in Classic Era. It will just show as inactive until I choose to activate it.

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And you have to pay extra. Do people really help each other out?

Its gonna remove some grind for sure.

Only goes up to heroic lol. SL can be a fun cycle of pvp gearing to run mythic lower. mythic lower to run heroic raid. heroic raid to clear score for mid mythic dungeon. mid mythic dungeon to hit mythic raid. Mythic raid to clear high mythic dungeon.

TBC will be so I jsut spam normal to run heroic? that’s it? Really? And if you don’t need best gear ever…well it reduces heroic spam.

Some have said attunements. We have been there lol…Many times…

Oh goes the bfa vendor. this recipe needs rep.

Can my exalted char buy it and trade to alt?

Hell no…bop. That alt grinds rep too. and before you ask yeah that 3rd alt for a 3 rd crafting recipe rep grinds too.

In game? I’m literally in a group doing a quest right now. Tons of people are leveling.

Also, if you mean paying extra… Every character gets to be activated for free the first time. Its only the second time you have to pay for.

For instance:

My rogue will be on BOTH TBC and Classic Era servers on May 18th. I get to pick which one I want to play on for FREE. If I choose TBC for my rogue its free and my classic rogue will go inactive. If I want to play on Classic then I have to pay 35$. I really don’t know how to be more clear about it. Just go read the support article.


All those things are why I don’t play retail. I prefer classic. You have to think of each character as a person in the world. They have to earn things themselves. Its an mmoRPG in classic. Retail is no longer a RPG. It’s barely an MMO. Sure you still see people in the world but its mostly a single player game.


I’m only like 28 on Classic and I dunno if I should stay or go. Don’t wanna be sitting around with no one doing low dungeons. /:

you can buy a boost to lvl 58 also, instead of starting lvl 1, i would start at lvl 1 myself, cloning is for when you want to keep a character in a classic vanilla server and also go to the BC servers using the same character, basically cloning 1 character to 2 servers.


You are precisely the target audience for the dark portal pass, get your wallet out :laughing:

What realm are you on? There are people all over the place on my realm leveling getting ready for TBC. If you aren’t getting groups or leveling its probably your own fault unless you are on a low pop realm.

Yes, if I want to experience the story and immerse myself that’s how I’d do it. Otherwise what’s the point.

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i think they are giving a leveling boost for 2 weeks once pre patch starts

I mean when you have to choose. If I stay in Classic, I dunno about the population and am thinking it’s better just to follow the crowd into TBC and hope they still wanna do low level stuff.

I’m on Pagle.

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Runetotem. Since I started Alliance I’d go Horde this time - and that server is mostly Horde.

ohh yeah… the pop on the classic era realms are gonna be really low. If you want to play there id suggest getting to 60 as soon as you can. They aren’t going to consolidate the servers down to 2-3 classic era servers. You’ll still be on Pagle - classic era and only the people who choose to stick around in classic will be there.


lol I was asking Reynn and I was referring to classic realms. All I know about runetotem is that its a retail realm and I don’t play retail.

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classic has a big following still , always be able to find people, there will be a ton of people who do not want to spend money and will start lvl 1 and keep servers busy.

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Some if like me aren’t playing classic now now.

I want a blood elf. We get that later this month. ONly playing one char so until may 18th I look at the night elf and I go yeah…no.

Till then I spam isk making in eve. Buffer up the wallet for the predicted shift of some time to tbc soon lol.

I looked at retail in resub and said nah. May do some ICC runs is all. Haven’t had my several doses of Invincible failure in a while. Time to relive old times maybe lol.

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Ppl are more helpful, but selling carries is as big on classic as is on retail

Just be aware

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