If Fistweaving legendary were to change to smart healing instead of random healing, how much would that help?

As it stands, Fistweaving legendary targets anyone with less than 100% HP. Even if the tank is sitting at 10% HP and about to die, your abilities may very well end up hitting the mage safe in the back at 97% HP.

If Blizzard were to change this to smart healing, people who need it most, would that be enough to catapult MW into a good spot without touching mana efficiency, survivability, and other issues?


Anti synergy and clunkiness are what Bliz is optimizing for - thats why we have to EF prior too

I can promise you the dev that came up with it never played with it to any degree of content - and blind decisions like that create problems


I agree with you but at the end of the day, we know that no big changes will happen until the next expansion 2 years out from now.

I just want Fistweaving to work and I would think that the easiest way to make it viable is to adopt the change of random heal -> smart heal. It really makes no sense for a big fist heal to whiff the dying tank to the RDPS far back at almost full HP.


I think it would certainly help and it may be enough to get MW out of the meme position they are in since it would give them strong and reliable spot healing. It might put MW in a better spot for M+ since targeted burst healing is very important there, and ATotM with smart healing could be very strong and help with MW’s mana problems there.

For progression raiding I doubt it would make much of a difference in MW’s viability.


I don’t think MW is clunky, there is some anti-synergy, but there is also a lot of synergy in the spec which is what I like about it. I think the problem is that the synergy is required to do effective healing which I think largely contributes to the mana issues MW has.

It might be crazy OP actually

EF buffs mastery, and is required to use prior to FW heals

Fist weaving lego gets zero benefit from mastery, and thus also zero benefit from the EF buff

FW has downtime during the healing windows, as you are building up stacks - these make it less suitable for keeping the group topped up during moderate damage (ie grievous stacks will be building, etc) and it prevents you from precasting your high heal ramp up abilities (EnV mostly, and ReM - though to a lesser extent) so you are less prepared for ramping damage (expected or otherwise)

The combination of downtime AND randomness mean it isn’t reliable during heavy damage either (forcing you to EnV and Viv cleave), best case is you dump a couple kicks at the end of the FW buff window to top people up.

The only real case it is useful is if there is basically zero aoe and a single target taking moderate damage. (So the damage to heal isn’t wasted) BUT we are required to EF BEFORE so basically using it to ONLY proc the FW buff

If everyone is at low health and taking damage, then random healing, while effective in terms of utilization, has no guarantee of keeping up the lowest/highest risk of dying players.

This puts it in a place where, in actual SL gameplay, it is basically overhealing when the group is topped up or too little to late.

The throughput is good in a raid environment, I’m. Not saying it isn’t putting out healing (plus it sidesteps the mana issues brought back with the removal of essences). It has its uses - but it is clunky as F


Also, out of curiosity, have you been healing M+ that is near progression (for your gear level)?

That is where I see the mana issues crop up the most (though I see this as a separate issue to the FW stuff) - generally due to melee unfriendliness… a la spiteful (and many more)

Fistweaving near progression in M+ is very fickle and unreliable. As you said spiteful makes fistweaving suicide.

I am seeing more and more people saying/posting they should just separate the two into specs or focus on one aspect. I like both, but I don’t like the fact that we have some of what we used to have of both making either playstyle clunky at least for me.

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That is EXACTLY my problem. This was awhile back, but I was doing one of the Torghast wings with a group of friends. I think it was Soulforge where there is a recurring ticking DoT.

My fist heals kept going to the DPS where they were all perfectly fine and was simply taking chip damage and hovering around 95% HP and the heals just kept whiffing the tank who was ~50%. I had to abandon Fistweave halfway into the run and start doing hardcast but the memory, or rather the feeling I felt, stuck with me because of how much effort I went into making the legendary at the time earlier in the expansion and how sore I felt.

Looking at recount, it was overhealing in the millions.

Simply put, I just want Fistweaving to work. It puts out the “numbers” but not the practical application.

Yeah there is no benefit from mastery to FW(unless chi-ji is up) but thats just 0 synergy when there could be. There is some synergy because of our talent rising mists, so we can heal everyone with the EF HoT, and heal single target from the legendary. The biggest issue with this is that the healing from FW goes to a random injured player, rather than the most injured which you talked about.

The only benefit to building up stacks is to restore more mana from SotC. If you alternate blackout kick and tiger palm you get the same number of blackout kicks per global at the cost of 1 tiger palm/4 blackout kicks, so the hps loss is small but it spreads out the healing.

I agree that having to use EF prior is a bit clunky. I wouldn’t call the random healing target of FW clunky since it isn’t part of the rotation, and maybe when we think of clunky we think of different things. I think it’s just lazily designed, unreliable in tough spots, and unfortunate that with alternatives I feel like I’m micro-managing my mana the entire fight.

nope. I could be doing higher than I’ve done. I don’t use FW for the ones I have done because the random target healing is unreliable. I tend to use ToM, but I do think there are more anti-synergies with that legendary, and I definitely run into mana issues way faster than I do on less geared healers I have. I do think MW is clunky in mythic dungeons, just much less so in raids with FW, even though the random targeting makes it unreliable in tough spots.

It would be a great start. There is still a problem with the healer needing to be in melee though. It is a fun legendary but suffers from the same issues melee classes do with M+.

The range on fistweaving needs a buff too. In dungeons if your casters are at max range you can’t heal them.

I would also like to see the healing from the Fistweaving legendary affected by Enveloping Mists bonus healing.

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It would be cool to mastery involved with it too… If the numbers need to come down to balance that, it’s fine, but right now mastery is just such an unfortunate stat for fistweaving.

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I did not know this, what is the range then? 20 yards?

Yeah 20 yards. Which makes no sense imo.

Random healing forces you to stop FW to focus heal via casting - while your FW buff continues to expire, before moving back to FW - this changing up healing styles (when both have different ramping) is super penalizing, especially when it counts, in more difficult healing environments.

1x stacking does even out the healing - but it also reduces mana returned (as you said) and damage (slightly, which is already low for the spec) - (ps - or 2x during chi-ji, for the instas)

Chi-ji is penalizing to take as it removes BOTH yu’lon AND statue - this is a major sacrifice, especially in high damage scenarios. You get forced into hard casting (non- FW scenarios more often - because statue is targetable)… now if Bliz gave back statue and made FW heals go on the statue target (if it was channeling, current behavior otherwise) maybe, just maybe, then you’d have something

Edit: also lower chi-ji cd, as a main damage cd it is way to long, considering how often the aoe damage spikes are coming out

Why didn’t Blizz made the Fistweaving legendary a smart heal in the first place?

Because Blizzard doesn’t like true ‘smart heals’ anymore, not since MoP was filled with them.