If Blizzard Doesn't Fix Healer MMR I'm Playcotting Join Me

RE: Healer MMR is Completely Broken and We Aren’t Taking It Any More

The only time this expansion Blizzard has done anything with the queue system is when people were mass leaving the game, it’s time to bring it back.

After grinding 200 ratings today, I joined a lobby of players some of which are 1000+ CR lower than myself. They play the game out and do 0 damage to the other team. 0 in any round and are entirely un-carryable and the other team’s healer is un-CCable since they have infinite mobility. I go 0-6 and lose 72 rating, and I’m not taking it anymore. Whenever I join a lobby and people are more than 200 CR either side of my rating and noticeably inferior players than everyone else:


I don’t care if you waited 40 minutes for the queue. I’m not your servant to queue people 1000 rating of difference lower than me because you can’t get your MMR system correct.

Blizzard has fixed this MMR system, so people perpetually left healing dog players forever. WELL, I’m DONE. Instead of trying to grind the rating, NOW I AM A RATING TERRORIST I will ruin the game until MMR is fixed for Healers.

Join me healers if you wish. Show these DPS gronks and Blizzard the ramifications of destroying the game for healers. Stand up by sitting down and leaving.


DPS don’t want healers that are hundreds of cr below them either


DPS don’t have a choice and they are only hundreds of MMR lower than you because blizzard have ruined the MMR system to keep them in a bracket healing scrubs for eternity kind of the point of the entire post.

You will heal my army of 1600 cr alts and like it.


cr =/= mmr :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Nah the healers that are hundreds of cr/mmr definitely belong where they are. Last season was awful having to deal with 2.1k healers or even lower. You could argue they should be a couple hundred cr higher but I still don’t want them in my lobbies.

Your name is now on the playcott list. Embersha

Pretty sure this has been happening since week 2 of solo.

I’m already ahead of you. I do the quest and maybe play a few rounds to cap the vault, that is the only time I heal an RSS and only on my Monk. My other healers don’t go anywhere near it at all.

I’ve played this way since DF launch.

Rating doesn’t really mean anything for me.


this is my only purpose for my alts right now just so i can achieve a fancy tier piece for free(not really because im gonna be in a nursing home by the time these queues pop)

I have to ask though why are you bothering with SS in the first place? When its so easy as a healer to get into an organised group that plays at your level why would you not do that and instead live in the SS world?

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RSS is a worthless mode and has been once the queues hit 30+ minutes.

I’m not waiting 30 minutes a game…I’m just not gonna do that :joy:

Fix the queues and it would be awesome though

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Healer Lives Matters.
#HLM #Playcotting


I used to queue a lot of games as a healer. In the first week of Season 2, I played around 350 rounds. But things changed. At the end of Season 2, I was placed in a lobby with an Elemental Shaman bot who went 6-0. This made me really mad for two reasons:
a) He was a bot and even admitted it in the chat, saying, “I bot because it’s fun.”
b) I lost 35 MMR for going 3-3.

Long story short, after this guy openly admitted to botting in the chat, I snapped. I insulted him and reported him for cheating. The next day, I got an in-game email from Blizzard thanking me for reporting, and they said they took action. I was very happy he got banned.

But just an hour later, I got disconnected. When I tried to log back in, it said my account was temporarily banned. I checked the email, and I saw I got banned for “abusive chat” for 15 days. After sending 10 tickets to Blizzard asking them what was wrong, a GM who actually took the time to respond explained to me that the bot player reported me for insulting him. Since I broke the terms, I got banned too, and it didn’t matter that he was botting. So, it’s fine for someone to bot and trash talk, but if legit players insult bot users and hurt their feelings, they also get banned. That’s because, apparently, bot players are sensitive.

So, this season, I don’t care, and I won’t play more games until they fix their flawed logic and the terrible healer MMR system.

Thanks for reading.


Don’t you love how you’re not allowed to hold anyone accountable or have any standards for society and how literally everyone is supposed to be included no matter how deranged they are? Its amazing. Now you’re getting banned for ripping a cheater. I’m so exited that the culture is reverting to more traditional views.


Just remove SS we tried it doesn’t work its bad bracket put more focus into making the game better fixing LFG balancing the game making specs fun again (deleting demo and BM hunter)

sum streamer had a 9 hour SS que the otherday

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Consequences of not throwing everybody down at 1500-1800.

Nah solo shuffle is way better than 3s.

3s as a game mode is more fun, but if you don’t have synergy, good luck playing at 2100 forever.

It’s virtually impossible to push to elite without having good coordination, and that requires playing more than a few games with someone. People are adults now and can’t just no life with the same people.

3v3 is also less competitive than solo shuffle because the of the law of big numbers.

After playing solo shuffle and seeing people with current season glad mounts and actually playing against them, I’ve realized how much being good at 3v3 is more to do with coordination and team play than it is about individual player skill.

I like solo shuffle because it requires strong mechanical abilities, situational awareness, and dynamic gameplay, where as typical 3v3s are all about knowing your comps win conditions and the win conditions of other comps and being able to execute your script

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This reads kind of like a case against shuffle in that it’s too easy to rank up relative to 3s.

Easier to get rewards =/= Better mode

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you can be a hardstuck 1200 player in 2s and 3s and get elite no problem in SS just pressing dmg numbers that’s not good for the game

I’ve seen it 100s of times people legit hardstauck 1200-1400 be 2700 in SS

SS is not skill its afk for 2nd burst CDs then u 1 shot a guy while the heler is in 1 micro cc and cant heal anymore