If 1 million people are playing this game

Everyone keeps hyping up FFXIV but nobody wants to spend their free time playing it or chilling on the forum of the superior game, they always wanna chill over here. It’s really weird.


Oh no, can’t ask that. That would just bring out the loudest haters of everything in the game. The ones who aren’t happy with Any changes, anything new, anything old, Anything. The ones who should just go away but won’t.

Almost all my Horde have cloaks and will work on my Allies later. It’s something to do and they get stronger doing this so should survive Shadowlands, maybe.

Just part of the game.

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did the white knights just get out of a group meeting?


It would be easier to tempt players into that late game content if there was some damn direction in the game. I have been playing like crazy in the BFA content and still HAVEN’T FOUND THE CLOAK QUEST. Not using wowhead either…it SHOULD BE IN THE GAME, NOT ON THE WEB.

You get the first quest it after logging in on 8.3 at Boralus or Dazar’alor, if you have completed your essence unlock from the 8.2 quests.

Since you already have the corruption wrist, all you need to do is finish that questline:

  • Go to Sw
  • Talk to Anduin, meet Wrathion
  • Give hammer to Magni
  • Back to Chamber of Heart
  • To Uldum
  • HoO Scenario
  • Ramkahen
  • Complete Uldum Assault
  • Get corrupted Wrist -> you are done at least up to here <-
  • Back to Chamber
  • Mogu’Shan Vaults
  • To Vale of Eternal Blossoms (Seat of Knowledge) Talk to Lorewalker Cho
  • Get item from Mogu, back to Cho
  • Rajani base
  • Complete Vale Assault
  • Mogu’Shan scenario
  • Rajani Base (Back to Chamber)
  • Short HoO scenario
  • Back to Chamber
  • Blackwing Descent Scenario
  • Back to Chamber -> Cloak obtained here <-
  • Short HoO scenario
  • Back to Chamber
  • Clear lesser vision on the current black empire assault
  • Back to chamber
  • Clear Horrific Vision (main boss only)
  • Back to chamber
  • Short chamber scenario + Titan Research unlock
  • Whatever (unlocking higher cloak ranks, preferably).

Not using WoWhead is on you, but I haven’t used for any of the 13 chars I did this questline on.

It’s here, can be found in the Blizz Tracker section of the forums.

The link.

Maybe not. Maybe the reason they did the poll was to see whether they should implement another system like corruption again, later.

Maybe SL’s will have it.

I wish it’d been a weapon instead of a cloak though.

I haven’t interacted with any players who didn’t have the cloak. I’d say the participation has been fine.

So true so things must be that bad for them, they did not one but two blue posts on it trying to entice people to do it. Subs must be bad as well, selling off new pets, mounts, enticing people to buy a 6 months sub with a mount and they selling off SL so early. That’s just my opinion tho.


A good sample size actually. you don’t even need that many. Around 400 does the trick.

You mean the same cesspool crying every day about Pathfinder or not having account bound essences?

I know it’s weird, but some of us play more than one game.

Kind of amusing how you are so defensive.

The expectation is that you follow the War Campaign.

The War Campaign is the main questline of BfA. Hence the Orange quest markers.

You are automatically given the first quest of the Cloak questline after you unlock Essences, which you do very early into 8.2’s campaign.

Essences being unlocked is required because there are essences as quest rewards in the cloak questline, rep rewards on the vendor, and in Visions themselves.

I posted on the thread but didn’t take the poll.

Yes, I’d like to see their actual data too. They should also show people who started or completed the cloak quest but didn’t play much longer after that.

This is a good thought. They may have avoided the weapon thing at least partly because of the (strange, imo) complaints during Legion.

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if someone has to look for the cloak quest it means:
they didn’t receive the auto-quest accept
which means they gave up on BfA a while ago
which proves just how unengaging, and disliked BfA really is.

It wasn’t a strange complaint.

People strongly disliked being locked into a specific mog. I absolutely hated having to use a fist weapon for an entire expansion as a caster.

Yes you can opt out, I am. I cleanse everything and I’m just not raiding this patch. It is a horrible system, punishing players for getting upgrades is bad game design. I have had to sell or scrap so many upgrade for alts because it takes so long into the questline to be able to cleanse, And that feels real bad. Sure you get the ability to cleanse fairly early in the questline but you don’t get the currency until you run your first horrific vision. Hate this system with a passion.

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Yeah so I opted out of massive amounts of power. I got my Rank 1 cloak, didn’t like the visions. Went back to Mechagon to grind mobs for recycling requisitions. If I was interested in some timed solo dungeon and watching big numbers I’d have rolled a Demon Hunter.

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Thank you.

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