IE luck....RNG better on alt

(Moused) #1

Started taking my other hunter into IE’s for fast leveling it offers…don’t know what is happening but that alt has in two days has gotten 6 pets and 120 blue mace to drop…my main this toon has done tons of IE and never even that close in drops for pets…seems my other hunter is more RNG friendly then this toon.


ive just run IE’s to level alts, never farmed on main/at 120, and I get more pets leveling, than I do farming(I assume). I got 4 in 3 runs last night. to bad they only sell for a few hundred gowldz. still need two, one has come down from 30k, to 7k, and im waiting for it for drop like all the other new pets to the few 100 price range.

(Fengar) #3

The drop rates for pets was massively buffed soon after 8.1 came out.

(Moused) #4

My point is why is my main not getting the drops but my alt is…I just got another pet to drop just now on my alt…I took my main in since 8.1 and still no drops but alt goes in and gets them.

(Loncis) #5

Coincidence? My most powerful toon goes on these things lately she’s been getting a new pet every time, even during losses.

(Quintessence) #6


There was a developer blog post (either for WoW or another Blizzard game - I can’t remember) that explained that toons have character IDs attached to them. Algorithms are created for loot and other things, and some IDs just align better with those algorithms, giving those toons seemingly “better RNG”. What factors into an algorithm? No idea. Only developers know that. Maybe it’s time of day, or day of the week, or month, or season, or a combination of those and more.

Anyway, tl;dr: It’s RNG.