Ideas on slowly getting more Alliance players to play on our realm/s

Hi all,

Just a sharing of how my humble guild of 12-15 very regular folks are slowing getting folks to try out our realm and guild.

  1. We have enough for Mythic + and dungeons but too few for raids, and other content requiring more than 5 players. So we take our crew of 6-8 in and queue for LFR. Sometimes we queue for mythics and + too.

  2. Prior to starting, we politely inform the party/raid that we are all returners who are re-learning raiding and to please try and be patient with us. We do our best to execute the mechanics and play well and generally do well surprising ourselves :). A core bunch of 6 of us rotate in mythics and + so we have good synergy and gel together well.

  3. We have found lovely folks from all other realms who we first invite into our community. Guild or community, we try to create this safe space for folks to have fun and destress while still trying to be kind, helpful and civil to each other.

  4. In time, though we add no pressure, a few have realm transferred to us. Others who want to try new roles/classes and specs have created new toons to explore our guild and our realm.

  5. Some have moved on but others are happily making a home with us enhancing our game knowledge and enriching our experience with their fields of expertise.

How about all of you? What techniques have worked for you with enriching the life of our realm/s? I love Nordrassil. It has always been home to me since 2007 when this toon was first born. Even after 7 year break, I still love Nordrassil. Maybe i’m biased as a night elf lol


Hey Elv did you find the people to complete your team?

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Heyo Thomassea,

How have you been? Thanks for your query. We are still building but we have 7 signed up for our SoFO raid this Friday evening. The humble guild I built with my hubs has grown from those 12 to 41 unique accounts with most being very regular players, spanning all hours and days- Lovely too we have players from Nepal, Australia, Canada and the bulk being USA folks all over.

Most of us love Mythic + so we constantly have those on as well as timewalking. More and more from Community have chosen to make our guild their home.

So if you’re looking for a home, shoot me a message. Or if you’re simply curious, thanks for the curiosity and hope your WoW journey is awesome, Thomassea. hugs & /salute,

Elv (Chicken druid GL of Civitas and Civility Being nice to all Community).

We are in the same situation as you and yours. We once had a strong grp but kids and jobs took precedence over wow so we slowly drifted off. We still have around 7-9 showing up regularly for our Fri night raids but we can’t seem to nail down the players we need to fill a proper group. That brings me to wonder if your grp would like to co-op with ours one Fri night to see how our teams gel? Think it over and if you’re interested we’ll exchange RF ids.