Ideal time to bail a non GDKP raid, as a carry?

You sound like a salty GDKP player, need a tissue :wink:

How exactly do GDKPs inflate the market? Like, the exact mechanism. Please educate us.


Bro what? Go farm the stuff yourself then. I made all my own consumables all of classic. Made tons of gold selling stuff I farmed. Maybe dont just raid log and play the game and you wont be so poor. Oh sorry you got to cry about GDKPs on forum after raid logging. HAHAHA. Poor man.


Shhh… don’t tell them that they can make a lot of gold without purchasing it! That’ll ruin the fantasy in their head that GDKP is strictly RMT.

But you don’t understand bro, you have enough gold to raid to a high level, how the hell did you do that? You must have bought it, right? I tried to make some gold last night but after 30 minutes I just couldn’t do it anymore, it gave me a tummy ache.

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The answer lies in the first post in the first thread at the top of the SoD forum in the third paragraph. It’s in blue font which makes it easy on the eyes:

uh-huh, so GDKPs contribute to demand … this is not creating inflation.

What exact mechanism is inflating the economy, we should consider maybe banning that activity, right?


Ah, you’re gonna get all disingenuous on me now.

Bless your heart.

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There are many things in the game which create a demand for gold, are they also creating inflation?


Here we go,

Chinese gold seller sells WoW gold to random scrub buyer. Scrub buyer then goes into GDKP and bits ridiculous prices against other garbage gold buyers. This money gets distributed REGULARY into GDKP carriers and raid leaders pockets consistently and frequently. This then artificially raises prices of EVERYTHING on the AH.

GDKPs are simply a way to inject insane amounts of Chinese farmed and illegally BOUGHT gold into WoWs economy. This drives up AH prices and prevents people who DONT buy WoW gold and DONT RUN GDKPs from enjoying the game because they can’t afford a dang potion because it costs 100x more than it should due to artificial inflation from injected Chinese gold farmers gold.

And please tell me I’m wayyyy off because the EXACT SAME THING happened in Era, AH prices are through the ROOF because of the influx of artificially injected gold through GDKPs into the WoW markets

id say if your gear doesn’t drop tbh, prior to that, id say 1 wipe. 25-50 content is pretty meaningless.

Issue is that to understand this you need to have at least elementary school level of economics. Severely lacking for most wow players.

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Okay, so you found the actual mechanism for inflation, well done.

Now, can you please tell me what part of a GDKP creates gold and injects it into the economy, therefore causing inflation?


The GDKP doesn’t create the gold…holy crap dude. It injects the gold.

It’s simple economics, the MORE currency you have in a system the MORE expensive the price of goods will become. GDKPs are simply a way to inject illegally bought gold into the system.

Uhhh in your example you had a chance at loot on those first two bosses. Technically you did have a chance at loot in the raid as a whole. That you don’t need anything off the remaining bosses is just something you have to deal with - complaining about it is just you being selfish and impatient. Grow up and finish the raid like you promised you would.



Even kindergarteners learn to follow the rules. They don’t need to understand them.


The gold is already part of the economy before it’s even purchased by players… just changing hands doesn’t “inject it”

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Touche glinda

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So the gold just appears in their bags when they enter the raid? I am confused about how the GDKP injects gold.

How did they obtain this gold?

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you know, you guys could have kept your GDKPs if you’d just been more chill about it, but you got too greedy. Classic blunder. A real rookie mistake.

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