Idea: Mount Glyphs

(Fallynn) #1


So this idea isn’t gameplay and as a disclaimer, yes I know that jazz is in a bad spot and am concerned too. However I also want to talk about new ideas. So I was thinking about this extensively and I realized what benefit it could bring.

Glyphs modify spells… What are mounts? Spells. What if we got glyphs that modified how mounts looked in some way? Hear me out.

  1. Glyph of the Classic/old: the glyph that reverts the mount back to the unupdated version. People get annoyed at updates I guess. This way both parties can be happy.

  2. Glyph of Additions?: pretty much anything. Like adding a top hat to your mount or something. These ones would essentially add something to the current model it is. This couldn’t apply to old mounts because people that want the old version can have them unmodded. That’s the point.


  1. These glyphs would be per character like glyphs now.
  2. This would bring back point of professions. I call them glyphs but it could be any modifier really.
  3. Pets too? Uuna is a good example of how the pets changed. Except again this would be apepearance and per character.

Thoughts? This way we can get the best of both worlds for models and even possibly get additional customization to ones we have.

WARNING- TCG or Blizzard Store Purchasers
(Rhielle) #2

I could get behind this!

But since Blizz likes to take things off of us and limit our choices… I sadly don’t see it happening.

(Wryscher) #3

While it would be entertaining, I don’t see it. If we could change and recolor our horses, what would blizzard give the Alliance as rewards?

(Moonshinefox) #4

I can definetly get behind additions. Would love to add stuff like saddlebags to some of my mounts.

(Fallynn) #5

So I don’t think recolors would be glyphs because those are already separate obtainable mounts, I’m thinking more like props!

(Wryscher) #6

Oh! I want a peg leg chicken! That would be awesome!

(Fallynn) #7

Yes exactly! Stuff like that!

(Daiyu) #8

Interesting idea but I think it would be tedious to do. Example Glyph of top hat for mounts. They would have to work on resizing and placement position for the top hat on all mounts that can be acquired by the player. They can cut the time by only working on the species of the mount e.g. Work done on the horse family and the Elekk family but the versions that have armor on would cause the top hat to clip.

(Fallynn) #9

Oh yes definitely. I think those would be for much later-- the first glyphs would be for those to have their mounts revert back to their old models and solve that issue.

Then they could expand it if they want to stuff like what’s being mentioned, but yeah Addition Glyphs would require a lot of work. Still fun for the future maybe though!

(Daiyu) #10

Are the old models even in the game files anymore?

(Fallynn) #11

I’m not sure, but probably the recent changes to the old ones might have previous models. I just see mount updates as a common complaint in the collecting community and if they are, this could be a solution and possibly bring something new ^^

(Padrepwn) #12

Always down for more customization.
I want my mechahog to have a flame paint job with ridiculously tall ape hanger handle bars. With a chrome dress up kit.
Also I want to mount a canon where the sidecar is.

This could be a good thing unfortunately devs would probably rather see this as more microtransactions than giving such a feature to players.

(Fallynn) #13

That’d be awesome, haha I love the idea of flame pant jobs. I don’t think they’d make these MT’s though, it’s basically just glyphs, and glyphs are certainly not microtransactions.

(Vesco) #14

I would like it if I were able to inscribe a “Scroll of the Incredible” that makes my horse have a wizard’s hat.