Idea for Phase 4

Give any class lacking an epic weapon access to a long quest chain for one. Make sure each major phase allows the weapon to be upgraded.


Paladin + Warrior gets

Hunters get


Priest get

I mean…

You’re gonna need enough players to raid to get the epics

Perhaps suggest ways to keep some decent player retention?

June is looking omega grim for sod

Obviously with Blizzards track record I don’t expect them to put much effort into Phase 4. As vanilla launched unfinished I always thought most classes were meant to have an epic similar to those.

dont like the idea of upgrade quests. would devalue all the other weapons added in later raids.

They’ve been working on phase 4 since phase 2 and almost all of the “content” for SoD we saw in trailers hasn’t been made available yet.

Doesn’t mean it’ll be “polished”, but P4 will have more “effort” put into it than the entirety of P2+P3.

New blizzard customer?

You didn’t remember this.

a bit unique to original WoW.

0 effort. poor heirlooms is all that meant.