I'd like to spec Hisc

I’d like to cast a single-target heal besides Shadow Mend in Mythic+, but I’d also like to do something besides maintain Flash Concentration for 45 minutes straight.

As long as we’re complaining, I dont like atonement healing very much. I’d rather Disc had a universal ‘bubble’ pool on people that could be stacked by various spells and for this form of mitigation-healing to take the place of the current atonement paradigm. It’d probably get rekt in pvp though so I dunno…

Yeah, FC is too mandatory for everything…Ham Appa needs to be buffed asap and other legos too.

I’m using more then FC, yes I get that’s a main part of the rotation but we have so many good spells to use.

Realistically, having a bunch of ST heal spells just insures you only ever use one of them anyway. Shadowmend “spam” doesn’t really seem like a big problem to me when every healer in the game has one heal they fall back on in high pressure regardless. I guess maybe not druid because they have to throw their HoTs out, but everyone else uses one or MAYBE two spells to ST heal. We got Shadowmend/Penance. Pallies got WoG/Shock. Monks got Vivify and Env. Shaman’s got Surge/Riptide and I guess wave sometimes.

Disc priest really isn’t as different or suffering playstyle-wise in M+ as much as I see people say. IMO the spec’s about as fun as any other healer in M+. Not like I’m 10x more engaged on my Monk, or even my Pally - I just do big damage on my pally for large packs.