Ichabod is missing

Ichabod has gone missing. Completely.

On a character that had him out, I log into a blue & white square. And he’s not in the pet journal at all, neither collected or not collected.

After confirming in Trade that it wasn’t just me, I figured it was worth a mention.


My Ichabod pet is also no longer in my collection. It doesn’t even exist at all in the pet menu, not even as grayed out or not collected. My pet summon icon for him is also gone, just an empty box.

I also logged in to a blue and white square but that’s gone now too. Also I switched characters and reloaded UI and still nothing.

I’m hoping this is just a bug similar to the missing cosmetics bug that happened before DF launch.


I didn’t notice until I saw this post and checked my collection. He is not there for me, either. All filters are selected.

My Ichabod is also missing.

You can’t even summon him with the command. When I hit enter the text just remains in the field and won’t process /summonpet Ichabod

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yup same here, no longer there. When i try to pet battle with the empty portrait (was in my group prior) it states, “pet in slot 3 cannot battle.” When I move him out from my pet battle group its a question mark as well.

Same issue.

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Ichabod missing for me too. Especially annoying as had to spend Real Money to complete the Twitch requirements to get him.

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Ichabod is no longer in my collection either.

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Missing also.

Mine is missing as well. Already submitted a ticket. Good to know it’s not just me.

Mine is missing too. :frowning:

Mine’s gone too.

In the same boat, Ichabod is no longer in my Pet Journal and /summonpet doesn’t work for it.

Same as above

My Ichabod is also gone, and also I never got the rabbit pet for my sub on WotLK edition. What gives?

Ichabod missing, and no icon anymore for him. Need my favorite pet back

Mine is gone too

I’m missing him too

Mines missing too