ICC BUFF needs to drop

ICC was retail.


It’ll be coming soon, why are you all arguing with idiots? They don’t get a say in this. It’s week 6 now, Blizzard said expect it around week 8.

“Was” is no longer and how the things you described from retail 100% were not in og WoTLK, and came way later like literally WOD, and no one wants WOD.

Not even sure what you’re saying I said that was from wod???

I didn’t even play wod.

It’s ok I understand prog is too hard for you, the content you’re purposely making harder needs a nerf so you can clear it…

This is a WoD change.

We plan to initialize the power increase in ICC on December 5.

It will start as a 5% buff, and it will increase by 5% every two weeks until it reaches the max of 30%.

As a reminder-- the buff is optional. Any player can always choose to remove it from themselves.


How to kill prog raiding.


Thank you for the update! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


As a reminder-- the buff is optional. Any player can always choose to remove it from themselves.

Doesn’t talking to the Faction Leader remove the buff to everyone in the raid, not a single-player?

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Yes, it does.

Why are you worried about what happens outside your own raid group?


Kaivax…I may get punished for replying to you on here with this…but can you for the love of god convey to the uppers in Blizz to fix their Vote to kick system please?

Why is it that companies like Square Enix solved this problem nearly 6 years ago with FF14 with unjustified kicks, yet in Wrath and soon Cata Classic this is still a problem? Kicks should only happen for those who are AFK or DC after a few minutes. And when someone falsely kicks, it should be a violation of TOS with penalties.

This is directly from SE’s policy for FF14:
Unjustified usage of Vote Dismiss

Refers to the act of dismissing a player in a way that is unjustified under the intended use of Vote Dismiss.

Key Points

If a report has been filed and the prohibited activity is confirmed, a penalty will be issued.

Please note that Square Enix may conduct investigations and issue a penalty in its discretion even if a report has not been filed if the act was confirmed publicly through online video, streaming services, or other means.

Why doesn’t Wrath Classic have an identical policy?!?!


Good thing no one cares what you think. :clown_face:


Are you gonna add an achievement for clearing the raid without the buff?


This is crazy. There are 2,400 11/12H guilds that are still progressing (including mine) that want to kill HLK pre-nerf.

No, the option to turn it off doesn’t help anyone. Obviously nobody is going to turn down free loot and watch other guilds clear it first.


If you want to kill it without the buff just turn it off. Good job contradicting yourself all in one post.


I would like to see this.


Gj needing everything handed to you.

Enjoy your participation epics you didn’t earn


please reconsider. it’s so early. believe or not sometimes people should have to work for things and sometimes it’s good when there is a prestige with accomplishments.


Why are people mad? It’s just more worldbuffs. I thought classic players liked those!