I3 10100 any good

Is this CPU any good for WOW or would the AMD equivalent be better/?

They’re about the same, get the cheaper one unless you are planning on upgrading the CPU in the future then get the Ryzen 3 3100


Like Sal stated, they offer very similar performance and either one can easily handle WoW with a solid mid range video card

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Core i3-10100 is Core i7-7700 in disguise. i3-10100F is even more value for money.

I believe I5 is required for the game

Old i5 is a quad core without hyperthreading, old 3 was a dual core with hyperthreading old i7 was a quad core with hyperthreading.

New i3 is a quad core with hyperthreading, so essentially an old i7.

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Thank you for the clarification I had no idea

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This is basically it

I happen to play on a Mac so I’m not sure how that works. On my old PC I defaulted to Nvidia.
It’s one of those newfangled MacBook airs. M1 chip.