I wish I went alliance

“Playing on Herod as a Horde is boring as crap.”

lol nice advice

Imagine thinking horde on Herod only go out solo or duo


as alliance on Herod I’d gladly swap factions with you lol

Hard to find any 1v1s and 2v2s. That’s what I like

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Goregoth, I’m pretty sure Herod can transfer to Earthfury or Heartseeker

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wait for bg premades
then you will pull hour hair out because paladins


My mage is good vs them, force bubbly super easily. My warrior is terrible vs them. I just am jealous other warriors get freedom.

Windfury lol, whst a meme

It’s really bitter sweet, I can’t leave a town without getting hit by a Zerg or getting camped at a FP. But when me and boys head out for pvp we get to pick when and where we fight.

but thats 1v1 , try that in organized pvp bgs

i think you already experienced it

This has been the case in retail for years… everyone complains about the faction imbalance but no one has the stones to switch.
Honestly, what did you expect?


Paladins make up for will of the forsaken and orc racial. Humans and spy addon also destroy horde rogues.

Shamans die easily and can’t escape melee.

The issue is the number imbalances, but honestly if it was 50/50 ally would win everything.

Paladins are that much better than shamans, shamans are literally trash.


I started as Horde on Herod then they were contaminated by interlopping streamers. I deleted all my characters and rolled Alliance.

I prefer alliance. Much more competitive WPvP with low BG queue times, but all my friends play horde.

Why don’t you transfer to Heartseeker or Earthfury? Try to convince your friends and guild mates to come with you.

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Mine do as well but I still decided to play Alliance to help with the imbalance and plenty of wpvp.

Extra points being able to kill my Horde friends :grin:


I have tried but nope

So if friends don’t go or switch to Alliance then you stay where you’re at?

i may make alliance one day to meme but ive been horde only since tbc

You missed out, I sit in IF while i eat lunch or do whatever and make tons of gold doing nothin. Mage is money.