I will accept the LFG system with a “teleport to dungeon tool” for pre wrath content

see you in wrath

While alt-tabbed doing other things, of course. I’ve never minded chilling at the meeting stone waiting.

I believe this is the third stage of grief?
I would be open to the idea of adding that BoA item that opens flightpaths for your alts.

That would help but I think the bigger issue is no easy way to go from one continent to the next especially at low level

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  1. Make leveling as clunky as possible, use socialization as an excuse.
  2. Unlock unlimited 70 boosts for money.
  3. Greedy corporation profits off witless player base.

Prove to them Dungeon Finder would make money, and they will add it.

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Not happening.


You are going to play anyway so acceptance is something you should start practicing.

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He said wut because you described eras/expac as not being good, and not continents. Discussing Classic and TBC summoning stone viability when its Wrath that is of concern makes no sense, if you are someone like Arle who read it that way.

Yes, its not difficult to get what you meant but also not difficult to be confused.

Oh man its so hard to fly from Dalaran to a dungeon.

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This is a good take. Blizzard has never gone back on their word due to their idea being incredibly stupid in the first place

This is what is called “Copium”

I have full faith in our developers to handle the game we know and love with passion.

Although I was pro RDF before WOTLK was announced as it was in the spirit of the original game, I will side with the developers decision to remove it in this iteration of the game. I really appreciate their decision and agree fully with the change.


Im talking only classic dungeons 1-60 and perhaps TBC dungeons but not necessary

second bloomsday seems sus

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This is a wonderful post! Thank you so much for sharing. I love this show!

But, not more than the love I have for the decisions being made in wrath of the lich king classic!


Make the requirements to summon at stone to 1.

Oh right of course, wont you think of the poor level 13 alliance that needs to do RFC. What was I thinking?

The level 13 alliance is more than welcome to reroll on a more horde favored server, or try running to RCF inside the city!

Blizzard encourages this!

gently pats fake Bloom

It’ll be ok.


Of course it will be okay. We had TWO wonderful blue posts in the last 24 hours which wonderfully detail the direction of the game we all know and love!