I was thinking of transferring over

There is a guild I raid with on my main that is from Burning Blade. I am from Moon Guard, and I am the top DPS in their raid. They have been recruiting me hard these last few weeks. I wasn’t sure if I should transfer or not. What is like in Burning Blade, I know in Moon guard we are known as pervs, but believe me most of them are in Goldshire, and not actually playing the game… as intended. Regardless, Moon guard Alliance is a blast to play, just because there is a ton of immature people, which if you are hard to annoy, you can appreciate it. I just want to know what is the atmosphere there, is there less Alliance running around, or Stormwind dead? Or is there a load of people running around, so if I use the AH, I can actually find useful things to buy?

It’s dead, and full, at the same time. Not a good place for new people.