I was on a WoW break when blizzard let us copy our classic char. Am I SOL?

So when classic WotLK came out, I transferred my character over.

Soon after I went back to retail and then took a several month break. I came back to classic for hardcore which got me thinking about my old classic char that I had transferred to WotLK.

I then heard blizzard had temporarily provided a service to allow us to recover our transferred classic chars but that ended long ago.

Is there any plans for blizzard to give us this service back?


It’s funny and sad seeing this happen again since the 1st time was on every kind of record and discussed for 15 years.

The herd mind is something hmm.
On one hand I feel bad for these people.
On the other with the way Classic relaunch came into existence.
With the clearly laid out and defined reasons why Classic was needed.

Did it not occur even a little that maybe following the herd to the new thing and repeating the history that lead to this relaunch might cause you some regret later?



I’m pretty sure it said they’d be gone forever. I didn’t bother copying mine cus I didn’t think I’d play vanilla again, but here we are with it getting the HC bump. Whoops lol…

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This is a pretty messed up comment. Why put people down? If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything.


no, there are no plans to bring this service back. thanks for asking :expressionless:


Nope. Get over it.

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A GM stated in game with enough interest there is possibility to return the service, and indicated to the player to indicate interest on the forms.

Presently there is no method of retrieval; however, continuing to show desire for this feature will help Blizzard gauge the value of reinclusion.

Remember, the same people saying this would never happen are literally playing Classic WoW right now - a “deleted” game that “would never happen.”

Best of luck with getting your commited time back, continuing to express your desire for this service is the only way it will happen.

We’ll get our time back eventually if the value for Blizzard is there.

Also, go check out the threads on wow classic reddit concerning clones, they have huge support with massive ratios in favor and like 2 trolls similar to the 5 you’ll find on this form harrassing customer feedback, but they’ve been downvoted into karma silence. And thanks to downvoting and ratio of likes to the main reply we have a great quote for general sentiment toward the trolls against it:

“so many braindead L takes in the comments.”

i cameback after a year break to transfer my SoM character only to find out it had been deleted. very dissapointed

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Well I had achieved everything I needed to achieve. I had completed my BIS raid gear and there was nothing left for me to do in Classic. Then I went to WoTLK and achieved everything I wanted to there.

But with the recent changes to PVP honor system it was not possible to achieve my only remaining goal in classic and that would be to get the GM title

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