I was 29, he was 26

I had a quest in ashenvale and stumbled across a 26 horde warlock. Decided to mess with him slightly but not kill him so I cast a polymorph and moved on. Turns out he didn’t like that so he followed me and cast his curses on me.

As a mage, dispelling curses is quite simple and he didn’t get the message that I wasn’t interested in a fight; being 3 levels higher would mean low competition for me.

So I turned around and killed him. My question is why… clearly you’re outmatched yet you follow me and attack me with no chance of winning.

Your inconvenience of running back to your corpse far outweighs mine of turning around and casting a few spells. Why not let me go? I was doing you a favor.

I don’t understand this world at all.

Because us horde fight with honor. Even if are chances of failure are greater.


I see you’re one of the Alliance players that just walks by when teammates are fighting horde right next to you. Please go to a PVE server or stop making these threads.

It was because you poked him and warlocks don’t like to be poked xD

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We’re already outnumbered and you want me to leave?

This is an amusing statement.


As per WoWhead classic realm population post (with those players with census addon), Horde outnumber Alliance 55%-45%.

Mages haven’t bothered me, but apparently warriors like to charge us day and night in stonetalon.

I cursed one into the ground. BTW, I don’t engage unless attacked first. Been my rule forever. You may be the enemy, but sometimes…actually a lot of the time mob grinding is more important.

Now, when I get to 60 in high level areas…game on.


A truer statement never made.

Except when it was.