I want to remove all of the art from the base blizzard art bar?

Hello, does anyone know of an addon that can outright remove all the art, not just the gryphons, from the blizzard action bars?

Please and thank you :slight_smile:

edit: not like bartender but just a straight up addon that removes the art (including the exp bar and artifact bar, etc)

Bartender strips away everything except the actual buttons you can click on, if that’s what you mean.

hey I was just about to edit this because that didn’t work for me… bartender pretty much removes the textures yes, but it also changes the orientation of the bars such that they are from the older version of the blizzard UI.

Load the 2 bars wide preset.

I’m not sure if this is what you want, but you could paste the following into the website addon.bool.no to create/download an addon to try out. (it doesn’t alter the button art so their borders and icons remain).

local function HideArt(frame)
	local y={ frame:GetRegions() } 
	for k,v in pairs(y)do 
		if v:GetObjectType()=="Texture" then 
	y={ frame:GetChildren() } 
	for k,v in pairs(y)do 
		if v:GetObjectType()~="CheckButton" and v:GetObjectType()~="Button" then  

Not tried in Classic but is should only be the bar names that might be different.

Edit:Not intended for use with ActionBar addons.


Hey Fizz, thank you! I created the addon and extracted to the addons folder but it isn’t showing up in game in the addons tab of the character select screen…?
What should I do?

edit: nevermind, i got it :slight_smile: appreciate the help!

Iv been looking everywhere for this code, Thank you!


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