I want to come back

Should I resub during this Blizz restructure? Tiny backstory here. As most everyone here, I have spent an incredible percentage of my life playing WoW. I worked my butt off this summer to make the money to build a new rig to play BfA because I found out my old rug wouldn’t run it once the coax came out. I was right there at home for the drop. I talked to Magni, got my Heart of Azeroth and continued to play for hours with my buddy, blissfully running through the new zones. Running around shooting the **** with my buddy, discovering new intricacies of the zones, just the best. There was just something off about the whole experience. I kept feeling more and more like a hamster on a running wheel, like everything I did was like the nightmare I have where I am trying to run as fast as I can but only move as fast as a snail. I didn’t continue my sub, I was a few weeks into BfA. Well it’s that time of the year, I’m stuck in the house, unable to go outside because of how cold it is and I want more than anything to play WoW again. I miss the pugs trash talking eachother over stupid nonesense. I miss chilling in GS dueling people. I miss fishing (fishing!). But I need your help and opinion, as I am conflicted. I don’t want to resub and positively reinforce a system that promotes this endless grind, the corporate takeover by Activision changed the game, and I just don’t know if I should resub until this restructuring is over and perhaps the new bodies actually listen to what the people want and stop working with specialists dedicated to figuring out the perfect balance between grind and payoff that keeps us playing the game for as long as mentally and physically possible. Your sub is your voice. What do you guys think?

You can certainly play casually and reach a decent iLevel without much effort or any serious grind… You can run around turn in some wood and iron in Darkshore Assault and get a 400 iLvl item, that’s how easy it is now.

The “grind” is not required, unless you plan to get into Mythic raiding and higher Mythic+ dungeons.

Up to you, I still find it fun couple times a week, but it is getting steep $ for an aging game.