I want to become invisible to the guy harassing me - not a pvp issue

Are you responding to him in ANY fashion? Just by telling the to “stop” only gives them reason to continue. Just file a continuing harassment ticket.


Yes, I have opened two ongoing harassment tickets, one back in nov / dec and one a few days ago.

If you are still seeing his chat and able to right-click report him, then I don’t think you have properly ignored him. This is why Blizzard cannot take any possible action. Because until you place him on ignore, you are essentially consenting to seeing this stuff.

That is entirely the point. Out of sight, then you don’t need to worry about it. As for any “reputation”, he is the one who needs to worry about it. Very few people actually see someone complaining non-stop in chat, and sympathizes with them.

If it’s not true, then who cares? Live your life, play your game. He will eventually get tired of 1) you not responding in any way, and 2) the negative attention from others who are sick of what he is doing.


I responded to him up until I got fed up and put him on ignore back in october I have had him on ignore for months now. However, he has made his dislike of me extremely public, and uses global channels like /1, world, trade and LFG to harass me.

Also, the problem as I’ve said, is that when I have him on ignore, I can’t see him publicly slandering me to report him. So he’s able to trash talk me and try to harass me / ruin my reputation without me knowing.

If it’s not true, then who cares? Live your life, play your game. He will eventually get tired of 1) you not responding in any way, and 2) the negative attention from others who are sick of what he is doing.

I have had him on ignore since OCTOBER. He is not stopping. I think it’s pretty clear ignoring him is not working.

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If you’ve had him on ignore since October, then how do you know that he’s continuing?


Unfortunately, that’s not possible. Here’s a very detailed guide to help stop harassment in WoW:

Basically, never reply or respond in any way. Report every attempt they make to harass you as Ongoing Harassment.

If he’s messaging others, or saying people are seeing things in chat, then that too can be reported.

But the key is not to reply in any way and report, report, report!


Maybe consider a server transfer then that way you will never have to deal with him again.

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If you’ve had him on ignore since October, then how do you know that he’s continuing?

He has alts that message me harassment.
I discovered the other day that one of my alts did not have him on my ignore list, as I thought they were cross-character. He went to the zone I was in and spammed general chat as well as /say right nearby me with a bunch of harassing messages.

That when you submit the ongoing harassment ticket and put those alts on ignore. DON’T RESPOND to them.

Just out of curiosity, how is this guy finding you on your alts?


I have not responded to him in ANY WAY since october. He uses PUBLIC chat channels and knows where I am from /who and friends list.

Those don’t show what alts you are playing, unless someone is feeding him information.


Ignore is character specific on your side. So each of your characters has to actively put them on ignore. If they did what you said, putting them on ignore and opening a ticket would have been the right thing to do.

Putting someone on ignore should ignore all the characters on their account, but still has to be /ignored from each of the characters that you log into (if that makes sense).


I’m pretty public in the game I post lists, tutorials, etc. We used to be guildmates very early on, and I actively posted on reddit / the server discord. I have made my alts known for crafting etc so people can contact me. Basically, I play the game. I am sure he can also get information from the grapevine about who my alts are even if I do not volunteer that information. This is not me responding directly to him, but participating in the community.

Yeah…you might wanna stop doing that if you don’t like the attention, good or bad. Being a public figure has it’s pitfalls and what you are experiencing is one of them. No means excusing what that player is doing though. These days, I’d be more wary about telling people stuff.

Your victim blaming isn’t helpful. I have the right to look for groups in LFG without being harassed and stalked. I have the right to advertise my professions in trade chat without being slandered.


But don’t give out personal information like what alts you play on. Especially ways of contacting you out of game.

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This is ridiculous and unreasonable. Alt information is so easy to leak, especially between guildmates and friends. I do not give anyone my IRL information.

And here we hit on the main issue.

Do you deserve to be treated like this? Certainly not. Should Blizzard step in? Maybe, but I don’t have all the details (and my opinion doesn’t mean much).

But this is a game. It’s pixels on the screen, just a character in a video game. So what if he wants to spend his $15/month crying to people in trade chat? Report him, but in the end, let him. It’s not the end of the world. Play your game, run your guild, help others with your tutorials (something I admire, by the way), and don’t let him get under your skin.


I’ll add quickly that logging into each of your alts, and putting each of his alts (I’m sure you have a list) on ignore is paramount. If he tries to circumvent that, it’s only gonna put the nails in the coffin faster for him.

Ignores are supposed to be account-wide, yes. I’d take the extra minute to enter all the names I know. Just 'cause.

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Ongoing harassment is one of our more challenging issues as we must be able to build a case of repeated unwanted contact. We recommend that you put the person on ignore in order to dissuade direct contact and if they circumvent that mechanic, we can, under our policies, penalize for that.

Talking about someone else in a channel is not as clear cut and can be tricky, as this is a social game and it entirely different from direct unwanted contact. If they are using inappropriate language/subject matter, right click report would be recommended, but if they are disparaging you, that is another matter.

I would continue to avoid direct contact with the person, but report the chat harassment as Ongoing harassment.

I’m afraid that is likely impossible without an entire rework of the social system, which probably won’t happen. I also don’t know of any possible means of preventing anyone from being able to talk about or otherwise refer to another person. Not without moderators approving what everyone says before they say it, and that would be impractical.

If you have an idea of what kind of tools you’d like to see, you’ll want to submit your suggestions via the in-game option found in the help menu or by posting in the General discussion forum.

The bottom line, Chitinud, is of course we want your experience in the game to be enjoyable. It is a social game though and there will be those that you simply do not get along with.

Report the behavior you are seeing in the public channels. Do not engage with the person directly, and ignore them if they contact you, but if they are disparaging/harassing, report it so that we can properly establish a pattern. Report it each time.