I thought you couldn't do 10 man BG Premades?

What gives, why is it I sit in queue for 10+ mins (Horde) just to fight a fully geared Moonguard pre-made?

I thought you weren’t allowed to run premades in random BG’s?

Really irritating to wait so long in queue just to get GY farmed by a premade almost every other game.

Just different premades, but almost always from Moonguard.

I thought it wasn’t possible to do that? So, how are they doing it? I can add a screen shot, but it’s not random that 10 40k+ HP players from the same realm are in a Random BG.


It’s actually multiple 5 man premades that queued in sync using discord.

I see them often from Sargeras and Stormrage, too.


Are you kidding? You can run 40 man “premades” for random BGS all day long let alone 10 mans. Google the ‘bloodthirsty’ group. You all get into discord (like 80 people) and then spam/enter the BG (40 man) based on how many people click that they got the que at the same time… Isle of Conquest 40 man Premades run 24/7

you dont need discord to queue sync, a simple countdown in chat works just fine.

Great now every Tom, Richard and Harry is going to do it.


It really wasn’t a secret. We used to do that in wod all the time. It was quite a project getting a full raid into ashran.

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Yeah premades in Ashran were very common in WoD.

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Countdown syncing has been a thing since WOTLK.

lol you got beat by rp’ers.

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Moonguard Alliance are fierce and dedicated in PvP.

That’s because the battle required a raid leader but made no provision for one. If one team had a raid leader while the other was bumbling around, the team with the raid leader would be consistently winning events, elites, and road pushes.

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Not all premades are good


i googled bloodthirsty and got nothing, how do i join the sick roleplay premades?

yeah they q two 5 man premades at the same time

it is much easier on alliance cuz short q times

sometimes they party sync the premades down to sub max level bg’s because q times are faster so they can sync the q’s more easily

to be clear, it isn’t uncommon for the two sync attempting premades to end up in different games but they can get a lot of them together

however I think the larger issue is that bliz isn’t separating premades from solo pugs enough

Haha I knew it was Bleeding Hollow
I always see that server and Zul’Jin running crappy random BG premades together.

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Funny all premade I saw is from horde, as if overall gear advantage aren’t enough for them to win

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You do know that frostmourne ally premade all the time, I guess you were not invited.

I checked LFG prett frequently that I don’t even see one
Except those finding lvl50-59 for low lvl BG