I thought vault doors stay opened?

I thought vault doors stay opened forever after you use a key on it. To my surprise when I walk into the vaults today every door is closed and I found some rooms I already opened in the past. I felt like this was a waste of a key and figured there would be different doors from week to week. With eventually getting an open door or two you unlocked in the past.

Resets weekly as far as I know. I haven’t ventured back in this week, last week was underwhelming enough.


Completely resets weekly. The gameplay is you are supposed to open ALL the doors every week, not just a few here and there. You grind out the keys killing rares and opening chests in forbidden reach.

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Yeah, I figured this out pretty late in the week last week. Does anyone know if you get a free six keys at the start of the week still?

So, YOU’RE the one who keeps leaving all doors open? Do you know how much it costs to heat up a room?


You don’t, those 6 keys you get is a one time thing from the npc.

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I felt like the vault was totally different this week… like it had a different name and everything. Lol

Does it cycle through the different vaults and keep the doors open?

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Yeah, I assumed I could continue from last week as well so when I found this out I pretty much gave up on this patch.

I really wish i knew this before. Wouldn’t of wasted a few keys and saved them untill i had enough to open all the doors

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It should be weekly, but last week I had mine soft reset and was permanently locked for half the week with no way to open them.

Today however they are able to be opened again.

Im not understanding some of the complaints here, I have literally 100 keys in my bags lol, are you guys not running around killing rares as they pop with everyone else? You get tons of keys and loot and currency (to buy pet and mount and other stuff). You then use about 28 keys to open all the doors each week. Inside the rooms you get pets, stones for the ring, currency, parts to make a mount… not sure if Im forgetting anything. Also the keys are bind on account so you can farm them on alts if you really wanted to.


I am swimming in keys on several characters. Doing laps around the new zone kililng rares. Then dumping the extra elemental overflow into that sack of oddities from the dwarf vendor. It really doesn’t seem too bad to get enough keys to fully open the vault in 1 week.

Initially I thought they would be rare so I took the 6 free keys from several alts and funneled them to 1 character. But now I have enough keys on several alts to fully open everything.

Nah some mean lizards locks it back every week

Which mount?