"I think the entire principle of punishing human players for the actions of bots to be absurd"

Pathfinder in retail.


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Nice goalpost moving, because I’m not the one making the claim. Still waiting.

Blizzard isn’t your parent. Blizzard does not think they are your parent. Blizzard thinks you are an adult. Blizzard does not “reward” or “punish” anyone.

The actions of players are rewarded or punished by the design of a video game. At a more meta level, changes in the design of the game can also reward or punish. This has nothing to do with your parents, sorry.

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They need to explain that further. Why is running into a dungeon, getting what you want and doing it again ‘exploitative’?


Further elaborations would be nice. We can sit here and guess all day with each other what it means but at the end of the day only Blizzard can define it.



Except they didn’t effect either. If they wanted to change pathing they could easily change the map … you know LIKE THEY JUST CHANGED IN AV … AND WSG

Exploitive behavior could easily be referring to gold selling.

I think you need to look up two definitions. Exploit and behavior. After you’re done reading the definition of these two words come back and re read that sentence which refers to this subject broadly.

Hey I support it and thank for threatening me and others to silence them. Looks it’s a panda.

exploit is the use of a or glitches, game system, rates, hit boxes, speed or level design etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the [game’s designers]

Will blizz every clarify what they meant by this?
and if they think boosting/farming dungeons is so exploitative, they should have removed the VERY WELL KNOWN strategies from the client.

How is helping a warrior guildie farm items such as HoJ and SGC in a day exploitative behavior? These are part of the reasons my account is locked on top of ZG on mutiple 60s.

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It is not.

This goes to prove that Blizzard has implemented an absolutely horrible patch and needs to be fixed ASAP.


I agree that rules (and rule changes) affect player actions. I just don’t call most of them “a reward” or “a punishment”. And without those you don’t have “rewarding” (“giving a reward”) or “punishing” (“giving a punishment”).

To me a “reward/punishment” is something unrelated. Suzy said a swear word, so Suzy gets no ice cream tonight. There is no connection beween swear words and ice cream. Ice cream is “a reward/punishment”.

So, 4 bag slots is a “reward” for using an authenticator. But most game rules aren’t like that. I don’t think it is possible to design a game as “a huge set of rewards/punishments”.

In fact there is already a mechanism in game to control boosting by regulating the amount of xp rewarded based on the group size and level composition. Boosting is in fact intended game play.

There are some arguments to make about using mob pathing to avoid melee combat, but kiting is also intended game play and was done to the extreme in Vanilla (Kazzak says hi!)

My interpretation of the comment, which is vague (the flip side of broad), is that they are targeting bots and gold sellers. Which are becoming an increasing problem.

In BC hunters could auto shot and max their dps, they got “punished” by blizzard by getting a nerf to prevent that shortly after the release of that talent build.

Flying was a well established part of the game but blizzard didn’t like the design as there was complaints of it, and it toke away from the scenic view they designed. However they kept implementing it through pathfinders as people still wanted it.

Blizzard still gives rewards and punishment based off the community, this however goes counter to the community. The complaints where for bots selling boosts, and boosts that no one else could replicate due to fly hicking.
This is just a punishment to the community wanting blizzard to actually punish those that they’d otherwise have punished if it was on retail (remember legion? they banned hundreds of people for their own bug and just normal bots).

A lot of evidence suggests that they do not want to lose the subscription revenue from vast numbers of botters.

But they banned 74k bots. What evidence do you have that refutes this?

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  • Bots exist for months after 100+ reports.
  • Video interviews of gold farming operators claiming several hundred thousand bot accounts minimum
  • Hundreds to thousands of players complaining bots exist everywhere
  • Blizzard anti-bot technology extremely inferior to that of other servers
  • Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick saying he wants to “remove fun, increase profits” and that "We have a real culture of thrift "

List goes on and on.

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