I tested out the HOJ triple swing bug

Omg finally alliance we have a edge. And look! We’re making rogues QQ.


Ok for a while there I was on your side, but now that you’re just spamming new threads I’m not. I hope they don’t fix it just to spite you.


if you really are so worried about this “exploit” then spamming topics on it to let everyone know how exactly to do it is probably not the best idea


Action might be taken to fix it instead of letting a few players become absurdly overpowered - or get confirmation this it isnt an exploit so we can all do it.

What are you more afraid of?

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Fair enough, but according to the second post ITT it’s just a visual side effect of spell batching and not an actual exploit. That makes sense to me

Until you look at combat logs and can not account for a free hit. Still no one can come up with a reasonable explaination of why it generates an addition instant attack, except to say because of the way spell batching works. Ill get yet another link from yet another thread asking for an explaination from you - maybe you can answer it.


My testing last night confirmed it is not a visual bug. The warrior legitimately gained windfury when he HOJ procced and chunked nearly all of my health with a single swing.

HOJ is SUPOOSED TO = 1 extra swing on hit.

HOJ is currenting = 2 extra swings on hit.

In a vacuum, this doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, right? A single extra swing on a 2% proc wouldn’t be that game breaking right?

But you have to factor in that the extra swing (beyond the one granted by HOJ) is considered an extra auto attack. This attack can further proc HOJ, sword specialization, windfury, etc. so it exponentially increases proc chance.

Moreover, although I haven’t done testing on it, it appears that an extra swing would also be granted on sword spec procs, windfury procs, thrash blade procs, etc.

So let’s say you get a windfury proc. That gives you two extra attacks but with the bug gives you 3. That third extra one procs HOJ which also gives you two instead of the intended one. So that is FIVE attacks in one swing. Much, much more powerful than intended.


They will never admit to it being broken because they want it to remain broken. Im still waiting for an explination from 3 different threads about the combat log pics. Not one reply.

Its as if they are ignoring them.


I don’t know enough about spell batching and how it gets parsed into the combat log to answer it. Does look suspicious, based on those two cropped screenshots. I’ll be keeping an eye on this topic

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And yet almost every other defender of it spouting it was like this in vanilla knows exactly what is happeneing.

They arnt my screenshots, id have entire multi chain set of screenshots. I dont have a paladin - and not one will provide any info - i dont have a shaman - im not currently specced sword spec.

I did plan to test this with wf and hoj (no sword spec) and record the combatlog, but my windfury totem dropping shaman friend was busy.

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do we really need 3 threads of the exact same report?

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well played sir, well played!

Did we have multiple threads about the same topics in Vanilla? Maybe we could check with a dev and have them label it as creative use of forum mechanics.

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No. Just report the spam and move on


Even if spell batching did account for why the timers are the same, that still would make no sense. The spell batching is i believe on a 400ms timer, if that is the case what melee 2h weapon are these guys using that allow an auto/hoj proc and then another auto in the same batch. Say you squeezed an auto/hoj at even the very possible beginning of the batch, perfectly timed, you’d still need something under a .4 atk speed to get another auto in there.

The other explanation is either hoj is resetting the swing timer to it’s ready state allowing it to fire off another immediate swing or we’re getting some sort of server lag. However, if the cause is some sort of server lag we should be seeing this occur on just regular auto attacks as well with no HoJ proc.

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i actually replied here

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As did i /morechars

the problem I had with you originally, is that you conflated two completely separate issues and called gaining Reckoning charges via use of spell batch mechanics an exploit

I retorted back to you and said that both Reck charges and Seal Twisting because of spell batching was never considered an exploit by Blizzard whatsoever - if they had, then quite literally every single Blood Elf Paladin during TBC would have been permanently banned for Seal Twisting…


yes i saw that - I’m merely replying to each thread as I go

Its caused by jamming:
in between the proc and the instant swing.