I tested out the HOJ triple swing bug

im in his discord and have personally interviewed him - that is literally what he said - if the mechanic is on the reference client then it should stay

ie: GBoK spam for threat working with Righteous Fury even though the tooltip states that it boosts threat from only Holy dmg spells, not all spells - whereas it was coded as a blank catch all for ALL Holy school spells.

Is it a bug?

Yes, but it was never caught during Vanilla and therefore since it’s on the reference client it is working as intended as per the devs last month.

If a player discovers a bug that allows them to exploit another player’s account information and could also be found in the original client, should it stay?

It’s not an exploit if it technically existed in 1.12?

its a freakin TALENT!!

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If you can’t explain it without losing your cool, I doubt you fully understand it yourself.

  • Righteous Fury grants additional threat on all holy abilities, not just attacks.
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I used your own logic against you. It’s good that you can see the idiocy of it.

I’m talking about spell mechanics - you’re talking about hacking someone else’s account


No, one is more severe but they are both exploits.

not in Blizzard’s eyes - otherwise every single Blood Elf Retribution Paladin would have been perma banned during TBC for using Seal Twisting

just wait till you are crit for 5k windfury procs in battlegrounds. Maybe then you will take notice and complain about the bug and want it to be fixed.

get on my level bro…

Jun 27, 2006
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So go on his discord and get him to update the ‘not a bug’ list to now include stoping and restarting your auto attack will not reset the cooldown on your attack. It will continue to count to zero, and now also allow an instant attack to not reset your swing timer and also allow the next one to cast instantly - due to spell batching as seen in the reference client.

Only 4 attacks? Thought a rek bomb gave 5 instant attacks. Did you just disprove your theory regarding instant attacks?

the standard UI can only display so many instant attacks at once broheim lolz

PS why don’t you try QQing to Kevin Jordan on his discord yourself


Why does this one from vanilla show differently. And look at the instant attacks when they proc. hit [spell batch} hit + swing reset instead of hit+hit [spell batch] + swing timer at zero

it’s common with Reck Bombs - that’s why for example you don’t see SoR procs go off with the bomb in the UI even though they register in the combat log - there is a delay - as seen here from this video during Vanilla showing Reck + SoR:

Classic follows the same UI display limitations as well

um, what? our raid groups 4 rogues consistently take the top damage spots in MC.

Every single one of them is a 4 white hit - meaning the 5th that is happening now wasnt happening in vanilla also meaning that after the 4 instant attacks the swing timer was reset to a fresh count - not at zero


Reckbomb=/=current batching start/stop abuse that doubles the reck proc. The people arguing that this isn’t a game breaking bug are either misunderstanding what is happening here or are being willfully obtuse to further their own exploitation.


or maybe the Warrior was at 1HP before the 5th went off lol - since his combat log wasn’t open

srsly man, are you trying to suggest that Reck Bombs are not 1 + 4 = 5?!?!?