I switched Covenants An now I Cannot Advance In My Campaign

When I dinged 60 I chose Kyrian and started the campaign. I did my 3 world quests in Bastion and then proceeded to The Maw for that portion of the of the campaign. I collected the lost souls and required Stygia. I swapped to Venthyr and now I’m stuck on the quest Home Improvement which is the quest to upgrade my Sanctum. I dont have the Redeemed Soul required to continue the campaign. I was hoping with the Tuesday reset that I would be able to go to the Maw and collect more souls, but I did not even have the option to. Please Help!


I have the same problem ! I submitted a ticket and posted a topic too! I’ll let you know if i get a solution.

Thank you!

I’ve literally searched everywhere for an answer and I’ve found nothing so… we’ll have to either wait for an answer on a ticket which could take a week… I’ve asked around everywhere and the only thing I got is that’s it’s possibly a bug and to submit a ticket but at the start of the expansion like that could take a week before an answer so feelsbadman…

hey any word on a fix? i am in the same boat and very upset i can do anything

No word back yet. I submitted my ticket 14 hours ago.

Same boat here too :frowning:

I got a response on my ticket. They said that we will get more redeemed souls next week and there is nothing they can do to help us.

but what weekly quest are they talking about we never did 1

They are saying that you lose [Redeemed Souls] upon switching covenants. However, this is not really our problem. The problem is that we can’t do the tutorial sequence on Kyrian and we will never be able to acquire those [Redeemed Souls] in the first place.

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So we can’t access any of the content we payed for (Covenants, Soulbinds, Legendary system, Torghast, The Maw, Renown, Anima, Adventures) for a week + being permanently behind a week. And blizzard didn’t think to put this in the warning paragraph when switching covenants?


could be more than a week, not sure how you’d ever get those souls if this isn’t fixed

I also am unable to progress in my covenant due to switching. Putting in a ticket only garnered an automated response which was no help. Hoping for a fix so we don’t have to wait until next reset.


idk how waiting till next week will help, i did not do a weekly this week to get souls. how am i suppose to do a weekly locked behind a campaign i can not complete

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yeah it’s just something they need to fix, I might call blizzard today if my second ticket isn’t helpful


Same here. Sent a ticket and also got an automated response.

well seem blizz is “looking into it” idk if that means anything though.

"I don’t see that the game skipped it, Kyvoth, you just don’t yet qualify for the quest. The requirements to get “Home Improvement” is not to have completed “Souls for Sinfall”. I know Wowhead lists it as a linear progression but it does not appear to be as listed from what I can see.

I think proper quest progression is still being sorted out, so those lists might not be entirely accurate.

For the redeemed souls after switching covenants, we’re aware of the issue and it’s being looked into."


thanks for the update, we’ll see what happens

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LOL! Why switch covenants in the first two days?

Boggles the mind.

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Anyone Find a Fix? I’m scared that this issue wont be fixed with the weekly reset. We are like 850 soul ash behind everyone now. This bug is pretty unfair and I hope they make amends to the players affected by it.