I smell a change coming

…and? Your “challenge” still presupposes too many things for anyone to take it seriously for the exact reasons I stated.

No. At this point I don’t actually trust most posters who have an axe to grind to actually argue in good faith so define your terms.

Players aren’t playing as intended. When you deliberately filter out undesirable players (low level, poor gear, not enough healers, etc) you end up lumping thise other players into poorly stacked groups while taking the better for your own team. That’s unfair to both the opposing team and to those who are not willing or able to participate in your thing.

WoW is the only multi-player game I know in existence that matches premade against pugs. I don’t know why this is such a new or foreign concept for people here.

Retail doesn’t do this, League, HOTS, DOTA, Starcraft II, Apex, Rocket League, Overwatch. I literally can’t name 1 multiplayer game that does what classic is doing. This system is completely unfair and furthest away from the norm.

The worst part, even in original TBC I was matched against premades in 1/10 games or less. As of now, premades are in over 60% of my BGs, and now they’re in AV?

This is way f’ing out of hand. Completely out of the norm.

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Lol Blizz just said they are working on fixing the issue with premades.

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Huh, imagine that.

You mean this?

This doesn’t change the AV premade thing an iota, it just makes every other BG like AV.

Make your own discord to organize pugs in AV. Even have blackjack and hookers.

With horde having faster queues it lessens its effectiveness. I’m sure you guys will be back to QQing by tomorrow evening.

This is just another way of coping and admitting that the problem isn’t people joining in a premade but that poor Horde can’t win as much.

Geez… if you just stuck with honesty you wouldn’t be so hilariously silly

The racials and map will be issues again.

I’m not the one being dishonest here.

Why do you lie?

What lie did I tell?

I agree with this, there’s a lot of cool alliance players, just overshadowed by the low obnoxious twits. Same goes for the horde.

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I wasn’t even talking to you in the first place.

I guess that means you are flabbergasted? Yeah, yeah, I’ll exit stage left😎

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My bad. It’s my thread and it said you replied.


They’ve got to do SOMETHING.

What exactly that is, however remains to be seen.

An anecdote from my last few days is that I’ll log in, be unable to find or form a heroic bf group to get the gdamn bis ret libram that still hasn’t dropped despite being on the cusp of exalted. And the place is bloody awful when you do actually get a group for it (which nearly invariably also involves me having to blow 100g to tank it myself)

Then spend about 3 hours queuing bgs, only to end up getting 4 total games, a minimum of 3 of those being against premades, despite av not supposed to be allowing premades. So we’re talking about 20 minutes of enjoyment out of maybe 5 total hours of game play.

The point is, something needs to change, because wow is less and less fun by the day, and I’m spending more time wondering why the hell I’m bothering than I am actually enjoying myself now… Meanwhile I’m getting more and more time on ffxiv, and it’s seeming like a better and better use of my time, particularly with their new expansion coming near the end of the year.

So yeah, something has to change, and if it isn’t blizzard, then it’s going to be my choice of games.

Some really interesting takes in this thread. :joy:

Have you… Have you played CSGO? Solo queue against a pre-made 5 man team? This is not uncommon that people solo in to games against other premades rofl. You’re high, dude.

Sir, I see you have an excellent sense of smell! Do you smell dual faction coming with that beautiful snout of yours?