I rerolled alliance for faster queues and now you spit in my face

I’ve been playing on Grobb for a few weeks now and have literally never heard of you


They didn’t. They wanted easy mode pve so they picked alliance. The rest is a charade.

That one was 10 days… which isn’t a positive reference… but sadly enough much higher than this one.

Nice of you to hammer home that youre not good at making the best choices then

True, I’ve been really disappointed in how they’ve handled everything going forward from the prepatch announcement, to the release date to everything else. Releasing while the game was FULL of bugs even to meet some stockholder demand… and now announcements are done the day before on practically everything.

I’ve liked TBC more than I expected but the whole time I’ve been on the edge. I’m definitely not having as much fun as I did with Classic especially at the start. I’m still here to play with friends.

I mean you do realize that it’s only a test right? Only going to last like a week.

If its easy mode pve why is 87 of the top pve guilds Horde?


Personally I choose my race based on animations, but haircuts are a good reason as well.


I can already tell you what they’ll see. They’ll see more bgs being played overall. They will deem this good. Putting blinders on, or pretending to be obtuse, doesn’t make the camel’s nose under the tent disappear.

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and then a week later at most they’ll turn it back on indefinitely because it worked great for Horde queues

…what’s an Alliance?

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The almost half the player base that didn’t reroll horde because they literally don’t care.

I swear, the doom and gloom of the forums today…

Don’t kid yourself. You know this will be permanent because there is now no incentive what so ever for horde to switch to alliance.

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I chose gnome for the aesthetics

and how much of that actually cares about PvP? because the total player base isn’t what matters here, it’s how many of them care about PvP

you realize this literally just got announced, yeah?

never heard of you sadge

Okay and? It’s not like the vast majority horde players were going to switch to being alliance in the 1st place.

Out of the alliance very, very few.

Yes and? I would be more than willing to bet more than 95% of the alliance doesn’t care and won’t reroll because of this.

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you clearly don’t have any clue about the community you’re arguing about if you actually believe this

That’s also why this is being done.

Yes, how dare people make a decision based on a decade+ of game trends. :roll_eyes:

Well you said 'I rerolled alliance" meaning you have a horde toon guess you should play on that. Also btw its not guaranteed this change will be permanent there just testing it.