I renewed my WoW subscription and you won’t believe what happened next…

So yeah, last year I let my sub run out in November and up until recently just could not justify the idea of paying to log in on my main.

Finally did recently and I have been enjoying the game. Getting caught up, just doing the quests and refreshed on the current story. It’s nice.

Really miss wpvp though. I see WSB is back and not even they really seem to be active in it. Are there any guilds or communities that participate in large scale wpvp anymore?


There are a few that do cross server wpvp. Terrain Empire horde side/Cyrptids League ally side. Not a lot of people turning on warmode these days. But glad that you came back and are enjoying the game. It is nice to see some positivity!


Aye… While things have quieted down in Stormwind as of late, I’ve seen Clan Battlehammer, with the help of a female human priest, musterin’ troops on Friday evenin’s in the Dwarven District. Ye might wanna check it out.



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