I really enjoy Survival

And it’s pretty much the only class that really clicks with me. After coming back since quitting at the end of Legion as a WW main, I went from LFR/Heroic dungeons casual to AOTC/KSM every season specifically because I enjoy my class so much. It saddens me that other people aren’t enjoying it, and it’s concerning to me that 30% of the discussions around Hunter involve removing or changing the spec from what it is in some way. There’s a lot of “perceived badness” or the meme of Survival being garbage, and I’m scared it will be ruined by a vocal community that isn’t playing Survival anyway, and probably won’t play it after and major reworks regardless.

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That would depend entirely on the supposed rework.

Either way, most of the community you mention, they simply want the devs to correct the mistake that was the removal of the spec and playstyle we enjoyed so much, as much as you seem to enjoy current SV.

Bring that former spec back as a modern version with more things added to it, to bring it up to par with the rest of the game, as a separate option to what we currently have and it’s all good. All that needs to be said here really.


op: wild that 30% of posts on the hunter forums involve arguing about the validity of melee survival. anyway here’s my thread about the validity of melee survival

look man, the knot of regular posters who are still big mad about losing a spec they liked for a melee spec aren’t going to be swayed by you just like they weren’t persuaded by the dozens of other msv players over the years who have determinedly posted about how the spec is the funnest spec that has ever existed or ever will.

instead of losing your sanity arguing about it on the hunter forums just put those players on ignore and move on. because i can tell u this way doesn’t lead to any road-to-damascus conversions, it leads to toxic 300+ post threads cluttering up the place and a 7 day forum ban. :dracthyr_shrug:


It’s 30% of the posts but only about 3 or 4 people. Soooooo…

SV is the best spec in the game. It’s designed wonderfully and really shines in PvP. Though if Blizzard wants to make a 4th spec, I really don’t care. Sure! :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t care about the complaining as much as I care about the potential of a small but extremely vocal minority of people who don’t even play the spec potentially affecting the future of said spec through sheer volume of complaints.


Yeah it would suck to have your favourite spec reworked away from you because a handful of people who didn’t play it demanded for it on the forums. Tell me about it.


Why do you like SV so much? Just interested. Never really clicked for me (yet).

Thankfully, you can play your RSV in wotlk classic. Maybe they’ll keep adding more classic expansions too.

Maybe they’ll even add 4th spec one day to retail?


Ofc you’re not the only person to make this comment but has it ever occurred to you that people want to play RSV, and they want to do so in retail, getting to play it while experiencing new content for the game?


Hopefully, one day you can do that with a 4th spec :slight_smile:

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I kinda like it because it brings for me the Headhunter troll hunter or the Sentinel night elf melee hunter with the glaives instead of bows and arrows. I also like Polearms a lot.

I don’t mind a rework at all or big changes to the spec, but as it is I think it fullfils a nice niche in wow classes and specs.

In any case I would bring the SV hunter more towards the nature abilities rather than bombs and explosives. More abilities like throwing glaives, spear, nets are better for the theme of the class.


lol no it wouldnt

Hi Bepples

yeah yeah yeah everyone crying over an unpopular spec. All 11 of the rsv fans have collectively gathered here for group therapy even though other specs had a much larger change then SV going back melee.

It just leads to grown men crying about a videogame, which is both the funniest thing and equally the saddest thing. People are dying in the world but sure using a polearm is the end of all creation

He wont, he wants to come back to retail to play Marksmen but complain about SV

Has it occurred to you the very playstyle from the very time period they wanna larp about is now readily available to them but they still CHOOSE to come to retail and complain about not being able to play whats available to them in their chosen time frame. This is why nobody should ever take them seriously


Name a spec that has been completely reworked that it was deleted from the game?

Also Hunters have never had a completely melee center spec. Survival Hunter had a melee focused tree that made its few melee abilities just a bit stronger, but it still had to be at range for it’s full potential.


Shadow priest.
It worked in Legion but during BFA and Shadowlands it was a complete mess, completely useless in pvp and either broken or useless in PvE to the point you couldn’t make a single mistake or u literally did 0 dmg. It’s insane how many they iterated over this spec through last 4 expansions to actually be playable.
Not only that but the theme of the spec changed from shadow to void.

Also discipline was reworked completely from the ground in Legion to be a healer that had to do DPS to do healing which at the start of Legion everyone would uninvite you for being a meme spec.

Mistweaver monk also got reworked in BFA and became a melee healer instead of a range healer like it was in MoP, WoD and Legion.

Holy paladin became a melee healer too like Mistweaver monk.

I think those are the biggest one I can think rn


The play-style was charged, but you can play those spec. Their rotation is not as it was but those spec have enough of thier original design to still fill that spot.

I have forgotten about that Combat Rogue was the other spec that had been wiped out with Legion. They gave some of it’s abilities to Outlaw, like MM got some of SV old abilities, but still can’t play it like it was.

Again comments that trigger many people me included. What majority? Dead spec in vanilla and tbc, overturns in WoTlK during two tiers so meta picked it up. Cata SV hunter saw decent play in DS sue AOE burst, Mop saw some plays, Warlods had few fights that SV hunter was a good choice.

Sure I agree that taking away ranged completely definitely impacted people, but keep claiming that it was most popular spec and that majority of hunters where SV hunters is not even funny anymore. It’s more mental issue now


Every spec has its highs and lows, but does that mean for every one of those it would be acceptable for Blizzard to just erase them?

Survival Hunter is even less popular that it was made a melee spec. Popularity should not be what determines whether a spec is worth its existence. If people are engaging it and getting enjoyment from it than that all it needs.


Almost every spec prior to cata, then a lot of specs pre legion? I 'm not sure what you’re asking here


A spec that has no form of representing in the game. The three that can not be played just as it was cause it is not a specification of a class are Combat Rogue, Gladiator Warrior, and Range Survival Hunter.

Blizzard removed them completely and moved some abilities to other specs. However, you can not recreate these spec completely anymore.

Some spec have been reworked enough times that they don’t have same play-style as a few expansions back, but they still have a representation in game.

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shadow priest, combat rouge, demo lock for starters