I really can't decide between hunter and shaman

nuff said.

But elemental is in a great spot right now.

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Yeah, if that spot is hell.

…one of the top dps specs in the game is hell?

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I dunno. I guess to me ‘top DPS’ doesn’t necessarily translate to ‘fun to play’.

It also depends a lot, in my opinion, on what you like to do. I find that leveling my Shaman is best in dungeons, and I flip over to my leveling Hunter when I want to do solo stuff.


I dont know how else ele could be more fun.

Icefury, in my humble opinion, is an amazing talent build.

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Have you ever tried shaman at end game? Tell me how those mythic plus runs go for you.

Yeh go warrior… Hunter I played… pushed 3 buttons for 20 hours, most boring time in video game ever."

Uh… telling someone to not play a class because they have a boring 3 button rotation right after telling them to play a warrior is pretty silly.

I agree with people that say it depends if you want flexibility. One of the biggest draws to shaman is the ability to heal, melee dps, and ranged dps with just a spec change.

If you are set on just a ranged dps, then I’d go with whichever has the more appealing aesthetics for you, as I’ve found that often is what keeps me hooked to one class/spec. I personally love elemental shaman aesthetics, I just got bored of their PvP playstyle. For PvE it is a blast imo.

If you’re set on melee dps, it is a toss up between the two, but I’d again say go towards aesthetics. I think enhancement shaman are pretty neat, but none of their abilities feel very good right now. You often overcap on maelstrom, and get procs on abilities that don’t feel very satisfying to use imo. Then there’s survival hunter, which to me is just cringey because I still can’t accept a melee hunter, and I deeply miss my WoD survival hunter.

Good luck either way!

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Then you didn’t actually play the “Hunter”. Don’t blame the class when you hardly explored what it has to offer, maybe it was not your cup of tea but “Hunter” is a LOT more than pressing 3 buttons even at lower levels.


I have a goblin shammy, and it was one of the classes I leveled and started playing late in Legion. It was surprisingly fun and will be one of the first alts I level in BfA.

/moo :cow:

Yeh, no it wasnt, 3 buttons and hell boring was ‘My experience’ but thanks for letting me know how I should play and if I should like a character or not.

Shaman for healing, Hunter for dps.

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I’m late to the party but I hope you see this Grimvald. I leveled my Hunter and Shaman at the exact same time back at the end of Burning Crusade. When Wrath started, my Hunter became my main and I loved it. However, that fun has been eroding and when Battle of Dazar’alor launched I officially retired my Hunter (it was the first I leveled to 120 out of 7). Blizzard has ruined Hunters (in my eyes) by taking my favorite spec and turning it melee, taking BM and making it rely on pets even more than it did before, and by taking Marks and reducing its mobility.

My shaman on the other hand, which only saw limited use in Cataclysm, MoP, and was kept at max level through other expansions, has become one of my favorites of the final 5 if not THE favorite. (Druid, Paladin, Demon Hunter, Monk are the others) I thoroughly enjoy Elemental and I switch between Resto and Elemental a lot as their stat priorities are actually rather close. Even ignoring stat priorities I actually play Enhance a decent amount too.

At least for this expansion, I think shaman is way better. Hopefully, in the future I’ll get my Ranger hero class. Mobile hunters, no pets, and back to using mana =)

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I’m always an advocate for shaman and elemental is super fun right now. Give it a try because you just might like it. Shaman healing is a lot of fun as well. No matter how good or bad the class may be, I always still have the most fun on my shaman. And it’s not super hard to play which is also a plus for me.

I struggle as a healer. My other healing classes are fine. Shaman just seem to struggle.

With all due respect, Mythic+ is not the only reason people play World of Warcraft. Or any one aspect of the game, for that matter. I haven’t done more than a dozen Mythic+ runs in the last two expansions and I can still get pleasure out of playing classes that supposedly don’t do well in that part of the game.

I have both. Hunter is easier to play. To be competitive as a shaman you’re really trait dependent, if you dont have igneous potential then ele is gonna hit like a wet noodle and same for primal primer for enhance.

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shaman is more versatile. also more fun. my shaman (ele/resto dwarf and orc) can do just about anything i’d like them to. also enh is more fun than SV. i have an orc hunter as well that i main BM on. it’s fun. for an alt. i don’t think i could ever make a hunter my main though.

Hunter is in a bad spot right now all 3 specs arnt doing well tbh id go shaman.