I quit my guild today because of ninja looting

GDKPs have never been ninja looted… obviously the video you linked was an elaborate practical joke.

It is ninja looting.

if someone wins a roll they win the item. Your feelings don’t matter. If you take their loot because you feel like it, it’s ninja looting.

You can’t set loot rules and then change them because you feel angry.

OP did the right thing by leaving that corrupt guild.

I’ve won BIS daggers twice in guild runs for guilds I wasn’t in. They were mad both times but gave me the loot.

If you keep loot from guild members or PUGs who win the items in fair rolls you are a ninja and can actually be reported to Blizzard for doing so. It’s against the TOS. If you set loot rules before a run you must abide by those rules.

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Sure thing buddy, I can taste your salt from here with the GDKP ban. Back to Era you gooooo byeeeeee felicia.

It’s actually just an experiment and will very likely change when everyone gives blizzard their feedback regarding it.

Thanks for your input, though my friend :slight_smile:

How’s your copium? You seem like a copium addict.

well blizzard did say this:

so players will give their feedback and blizzard will listen…

take a look around at the SoD forum threads, most of the new threads are all pro-GDKP players giving their feedback to tell Blizzard this isn’t a good change.

No they aren’t, it’s just 5 or 6 of you are spamming the same threads over and over again. If you’ve noticed, most of the people in the threads that respond are actually very AGAINST GDKP.

Just go to the classic WoW Reddit and you’ll see a very different story on those threads. 99% of threads on GDKP in classic WoW Reddit are pro-banning GDKP runs. Simple as that. You 5 or 6 that keep spamming threads on here are a minority.

i would like to politely redirect your previous statement back to you:

well the thing about reddit is that blizzard won’t view them as very reliable… anyone can make 1000 reddit accounts for free and just post whatever they want and make a new account to upvote it endlessly.

here on the forums, players can only post once per account that has an active sub meaning that each person is only responding one time.

and blizzard knows this.

well so what is the current situation? GDKPs are currently restricted and blizzard is looking to player feedback on whether or not they reverse this decision.

GDKPs will likely stay restricted for a week or two but thats not a really big deal because people will still be levelling during that time anyways.

I don’t tolerate this in my guild. Everyone’s equal far as I’m concerned. We’re all just trying to enjoy the game.


Are you high? I could right now make 1000 different threads by myself. No one is limited on these forums.

Yup, and guess what? That still doesn’t mean they are coming back in Phase 2. The decision is going to last at least 4 more months.

Copium, they will be banned for the entire phase.

yes you could make 1000 threads, but blizzard will be able to see that it is one singular account making the threads and give their content less weight.


going to need a citation for this one, friend.


not necessarily, when blizzard sees all the negative feedback regarding the GDKP restriction, they have the power to reverse their decision.

You don’t think they already see the same 5 people spamming negative threads about it on the forums. You Pro-GDKP people are in the minority. It’s blatantly obvious lol.

there is no evidence that all the threads are created by one person, so you cant really comment on whether or not that is true.

only blizzard can see the characters posting and determine whether they are one person or not.

Ninja loot inside the guild is inexcusable, you did well in leave that guild.

I didn’t say one person, I said 5-6 people. And yes there is evidence when you simply just go look at the name of the person posting the thread lol.

there are many more than just one character posting threads that are pro-GDKP as well as many more people replying to those threads to support GDKPs to ask for their return.

maybe you should go back and count.

I said 5-6, you must have a reading deficiency.

Again there are more people who are PRO banning GDKPs. Pretty easy to see across the entire forum.

i would like to politely disagree with this, I have seen countless threads and replies to those threads that do not agree with the GDKP ban.

also all the streamers are saying that they don’t like the GDKP ban.

it’s no secret that blizzard listens to streamers moreso than normal players because the streamers garner much more publicity to the game.

so, imho, whatever the streamers say they want is what blizzard will do.

This isn’t about your opinion, it’s factual evidence. There are more people on this forum who don’t want GDKPs…this isn’t about your emotions or feelings, this is about numbers.

Actually most of the streamers I watch are PRO Banning GDKP- Snutz, Staysafe, Savix, Payo, Bean. All of them are PRO Banning GDKP.

those streamers are pretty small compared to sodapoppin. so whatever sodapoppin wants will be done.

yes and i have counted the numbers… Pro-GDKP has bigger numbers.