I miss what Twisting Nether used to be

I originally posted this in General Discussion and on the WoW Subreddit a few months ago, and I now realize the Twisting Nether Forum is probably the best place for it to rest, as you all can at least understand what I’m talking about- we’ve all experienced it.

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since the middle of TBC. The biggest enjoyment I found was in the story- Leveling new characters, experiencing both factions, meeting new people in the community. A MMO’s community is what makes it different from a single player game that someone could purchase on steam or any other gaming platform. That, and the constant updates of course.

My home on WoW was always the Twisting Nether server. It was populated and healthy years ago, Orgrimmar was active, people were talking in general and trade chat. This slowly changed and everything started to get a bit quieter during Cataclysm and at the start of Mists of Pandaria.

When Blizzard announced that realms were going to be “merged”, we were overjoyed. We were going to have an active realm again. I remember a lot of friends resubbing because of this. Ventrillo and Teamspeak were also more active at this time. After a few expected months of waiting, we were all given a list of who we’d be merging with, and were told to be patient. We were, of course. Although, unfortunately Twisting Nether and Ravenholdt were one of the last realms to be merged. They took TWO low population realms and merged them together. Realistically, this would equate to a medium population server, right? That’s what we thought.

We saw that a few realms were getting 3 or even 4 realms smushed together. Perhaps they were more inactive than we were? Who knows.

An expansion later, the merge felt like it hindered us more than it helped. Most people server transferred because this false sense of hope felt like a punch in the gut. Trade chat was dead. General chat didn’t exist. Most guilds either moved or disbanded. People used trade chat on TN/RH to advertise for their guilds on emerald dream or WRA in hopes that people would transfer. It was saddening.

I’ve long left Twisting Nether. A lot of my characters that have years of game time are still sitting on that realm’s character screen, including this one. I transferred a few of my favorites to WRA to be able to play this SOCIAL MMO with my boyfriend of 3 years. 55$ for each of them. 55 dollars to be able to interact with other people. To be able to play a multiplayer game. LFG was an interesting addition to the game- but joining a guild and doing things with people feel so much better.

Blizzard sometimes offers a free server transfer to Lower populated realms. I guess I could understand this if people don’t like wait times for logging in (which WoW hasn’t seen in a decade) or if people are too chatty on their realm. A group transfer is not offered at all (being able to transfer more than one character at a time, for a reduced fee). During WoD, I sent in a ticket asking a GM if Blizzard has any plans for that in the future. Was given the answer I expected- “no, but i’ll bring it up as an idea to the others.”

I’m torn between playing the characters I’ve loved for years, or playing the few I have on WRA. I can’t bring myself to play my beloved game on the corpse of a server that held so many positive memories in the past. It feels like time has been wasted.

My reasoning for posting this was to see if anyone is in the same boat- feeling “stuck”. Perhaps gain some advice, or hold a sense of solace for this place I once held dear. Thanks.


I gathered my last remaining friends from old TN and went classic. Its been a blast enjoying it with the peeps from days old

If your reading this and remember the name Blitzkrieg you’re more than welcome to join us horde side on the classic server Fairbanks.


TN will always be my home even if I am the last player on it lmao, shadowloands looks pretty alright as well sucks that a lot of my friends left though.


Hear hear, OP. TBC and WotLK up to the end of ToC on Twisting Nether was the setting of some of my fondest gaming memories. Whether it was The Grim turning us inside-out somewhere, Fisher parking his Elekk over the SW mailbox going on about that damned Void Star Talisman (NOU MY FRIEND), or the many, many RP guilds we had (House Blackstone, Stormwind Cavalry) doing cool stuff, there was always something going on. Man, it was awesome.

I co-founded Infamous and once MoP rolled around we enjoyed being a known terror against the Horde filth, but sometime after the launch of WoD we all noticed our sleepy little server getting quieter and quieter by the day. It broke my heart to transfer to ED in Legion after sitting out for most of WoD, by then TN had become a strange place compared to the old days.

Whoever is cutting onions around here can just cut it out.


I was there to help Blitz get the server first Kara kills :smiley:


I miss old TN too. Back before the days of cross-server sharding and Warmode options.

Back when you could recognize most of the guild names you saw out in the world and know whether or not they were likely to attack if they saw you. I think that strong sense of community is completely lost now, at least in Retail, thanks to cross server play, which does not have the same benefits as server mergers.

I still remember warnings on the way into raids: “Be careful, Beggan’s in the Mountain”, and “You don’t get to gank First Legion.” :smiley:


I still think about the old HSM days. I miss all the boiz.


Fisher. Sigh how I miss fisher


A toast raised for Blitz, HSM, Fates Hand, and Firestorm Cabal - extended to First Legion.

Agreed OP, I miss the server for what it was. Definitely feeling that stuck feeling a bit as well. As for advice, I don’t have much unfortunately. I’ll be watching for it along with you it seems.

To all those talking about the old glory days, thank you. Went looking for information on TN guilds and found a strange walk down memory lane. I’d blanked on Fisher’s name, though I could remember him quite clearly. I also remembered the battles across the server from days long past. I started playing in BC, and I got into Sword of the Morning. I’d be surprised if anyone on here remembers the guild, but I think my druid will live out his days on this server and in this guild. I was there when we set up camp in the Undercity’s courtyard, when we got into brawls in the Highlands. I’ll be here when either TN finally closes down, or when WoW sings its last song; whichever comes first. Huzzah the Sword!

I miss old TN but you all, Horde and Alliance alike, helped me remember some good times when I needed that. Thank you.

I second the call for a toast! To our little server that wasn’t so little, to all the memories that were made, the friends that we kept, and those that we lost along the way!


I’ve been on Twisting Nether since WoLK. I’ve saw many of my guilds come and go. I started like many did as a NE Hunter lol. The years went by and also like many I made Horde characters and I’ve been playing that factions for many years as friends played and left.

I decided to go searching for others to play with and I’m just not finding them. That makes me sad because Twisting Nether has 16 of my characters. I’m looking at moving to Proudmore where I started with a NE Hunter last week, a he’s almost done with BFA and once I have some of the allied races open I may just move.

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I see a fair number of people in Shadowlands though they have effectively merged us with about five other realms to make that happen.

Bump, I miss having The Best Horde PvP server in the game back in the HWL grind days back in Vanilla… Echelon, Merciless, Fight Club, Honorless, Vendetta… been in some good PvP guilds back in the day… now its a ghost town.

Hearing about TBC classic got me thinking back to (what I considered) the best time in WoW I ever had.

To this day I still think about my times in Infection, grouping up for Halaa PvP with other guilds like The Grim and the people I got know in Raven’s Cross.

Retail is just an embodiment of what the game has become - an empty, lifeless husk of what used to be.

I’m seriously considering jumping to classic for TBC, so if there’s any recommendations from the folks that used to play on here, I’d love to play along some of them again.

I used to play a Troll Hunter on TN named Ext. I was in The Forgotten Legion and Hellscream Marauders.

Nice to see you’re still around Nitesho. :wave:

Aphieleon Here.

Miss you all!

Elek/Elanderik, Saelyth, and Zancha, here. Damn how I miss the old HSM crew.

as someone from First Legion (for a short while at least) who ganked people outside ICC, i enjoyed this post. Those were the good days. I still log into my TN toons from time to time. Just to muck around and do nothing productive

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Some of us are still here and plan on staying <3

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I miss who Lucy |Lawless used to be, Xena.