I miss searing nightmare

no flame pls


I really never understood the hate behind it. It functioned well enough, did good damage, and gave us some much needed oomph while mind sear was ticking. It’s much better than our who cleave deal is now. At least we could contribute on large pulls with lots of small health mobs.

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It wasn’t that bad. But it did require 2-3 globals before you did any real damage, which was a pain when you had to dodge mechanics constantly at the start of a pull.

1 global to cast mind sear
1 more to cast SN to apply SWP
1 more and SN now does like 2x dmg b/c SWP is on the mobs

If they dropped the requirement to be channeling Mind Sear first and made casting SN simultaneously start a Sear channel it would have been much more practical and smoother. The first pull of a dungeon would still be rough to get going b/c you would need to build insanity, but you’d generally be fine after that.

nah‎ ‎ ‎ ‎

I put Searing Nightmare in the same category of 10.0 Mind Sear in that both were punishing if you had to move before you had the chance to finish the cast.

I honestly think the best way to deal damage with Mind Sear is to have a passive stacking buff on yourself to deal increasing Periodic damage. This ideally would come from Voidform as a nod to Mass Hysteria Legion Artifact Trait that increased your Vampiric Touch and Shadow Word: Pain damage every second while Voidform was active.

So something like this…

  • Voidform (Redesign)
    Increases your periodic Shadow damage by 15%, increasing by 2% every second. Lasting 15 seconds. Devouring Plague costs 50% less insanity and extends Voidform duration by 1 seconds. 1 min cooldown.

Then have other talents increase your channeling spell functionality in reworking Malediction to deal channeled spell damage faster by 33% (which would also affect Void Torrent, Mind Flay and your Void Tendrils channeled spells from Idol of C’Thun procs) and is a nod to WoD perk in doing the same thing but only to Mind Flay.

  • Malediction (Redesign)
    Your channeled spells deal damage 33% faster.

Then finally to ensure Mind Sear does not overtake Mind Flay in single target damage, increase Mind Flay only damage on targets afflicted with your damage over time spells by x% per spell.

So something like this…

  • Void Ray (New / Choice with Void Torrent)
    Mind Flay deals 10% increased damage for each of your damage over time spells on the target.

Obviously if these types of changes were implemented in some manner, more further changes would need to be done like Adding Mind Sear back into the tree. Which I think Mind Sear being a choice with Psychic Link would be the ideal spot in order to force the player to choose between focused and spread AOE.

Then this would allow Dark Ascension to be more Non-Periodic Damage based cooldown and put more power into that.

Then lastly, make Mind Spike coexist with Mind Flay and they can be used more so for utility when they are not the primary focused and amped up version of themselves.

So Mind Flay can be used to Slow and Mind Spike can be used for extra spell school access.

I’ve stated this all before in my feedback posts in addition to many other ideas and tweaks but I’ll leave it at that for now in this post.

I don’t.

s1 dragonflight mind sear was objectively superior.

In fact they should go back to s1 design, with a choice node between p link and sear so you cannot take both plus 20 second crash instead of 30, and some better talent connections, and then s priest is very nice.

s1 was honestly way more fun than how it works right now.


It was clunky to use and Shadow had to hard choose between doing AOE or single target damage. So all it led to in raid was Shadow doing nothing but single target damage on bosses.

Also, it got to be a bit annoying if you built up enough Insanity at the last second of Mind Sear which forced you to recast Mind Sear again to cast Searing Nightmare.

Psychic Link is far better in general. Shadow has the easiest AOE damage rotation out of all the casters. Boomkin would be second.


Tbh, I think the best iteration was back in Legion where it was a passive for channeling mind flay. It didn’t clunk up the rotation, functioned as passive AoE damage, and tbh it could be easily brought back into the game even with MS builds.

Not saying it was perfect, but I think it functioned better and less punishing than S1 sear was.

All of this.

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S1 s priest was pretty damn great, the rework was completely unnecessary.

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I had a lot of fun with Searing Nightmare in Shadowlands. But I do understand why so many people were frustrated with it. I personally prefer having Mind Sear as an Insanity Spender. Imagine all the fun you could have if Mind Sear damage had a high chance to proc Shadowy Apparitions


No, it wasn’t. Tying our aoe damage behind a stationary channel that was also a resource spender is horrible, for the same reason Disintegrate feels like garbage on Devastation as the bullet hell swirlies and aoe interrupt shouts and interrupts causing you to stop channels/casts make you essentially waste your spender inefficiently.

To hell with S1 Mindsear.

All Searing Nightmare needed was to be a separate cast of its own not requiring Mindsear channel. I’m glad Mindsear is gone, its only use was popping rogues out of stealth in PvE and aoe for legacy raids.

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No it wasn’t.

Frankly speaking at a certain point if you constantly have to stop your casts that’s on you. Skill issue.

Bring back s1 s priest, and make a choice node with link. End of story.

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Yeah, skill issue about randomly generated aoe’s and boss assignments, sure. That’s the kind of crap you people always peddle when protecting bad design. It was changed for a reason, it was wildly unpopular.

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It’s definitely not unpopular.

In fact many of the best s priests straight up said that the rework was not necessary. People just asked for a few changes here and there, some better talent connections, that’s all.

And what i’m suggesting has been suggested by a lot of people.

Again, if you constantly have to cancel your casts, that’s frankly on you at a certain point.

Also, canceling casts was only really an issue for mind devourer procs. But for normal channels, it’s not a big deal.

Maybe you should… Position yourself better. And anyway, i already said that they should make a choice node so you cannot take both, so there you go, just play link genius.

I can count on one hand the number of casts i had to cancel.

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“You should position yourself better even though the generation of the aoe swirl places the aoe right below you every time based on RNG selection”. Yeah, genius.

Many of the best DHs also like momentum on DH. That does not make it popular.

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And that’s why you can just play no mover build and sacrifice a pretty small amount of damage… And that’s if you could have player momentum with perfect uptime.

Boom, wow, so difficult.

It’s almost like you don’t actually have an argument.

It’s pretty clear that the issue you have with this is purely from a design/gameplay prospective, the issues you brought up can be mitigated with player skill, if you constantly waste procs, and cancel casts, that’s frankly on you, so just stop talking to me.

The issues you have with sear can be boiled down to essentially, i don’t like the skill, guess what, you can just play link, and the other issue is mostly skill issue.

It’s like when people come to me saying that ravager is such a bad skill because one in 1000 times it gets stuck into something, like dude… You can’t make this stuff up, the argument is extremely weak.

But that’s the average argument from normies, they take a problem, blow it up way out of proportion, and then complain about their made up scenario.

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lol pretty small amount of damage. It’s over a 10% difference in M+ or any aoe scenario, let’s cut the crap. Nobody is forgoing it when doing +20s.

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it’s less than 10 %, and that’s if you can have perfect uptime with momentum. So in reality it’s less.

In fact i just did a sim, the difference was 163vs168k And the inertia build 172, which is still less than 10%. And aoe wasn’t much different either, in fact aoe the difference was less than st.

Def unviable, def couldn’t do a 20 with it.

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Ur argument in response to theirs has more or less boiled down to “skill issue lol git gud”