I miss "Grizzly Hills" vibe

And not just Grizzly Hills, Also places like Ashenvale and Hinterlands. But mostly Grizzly Hills.

I don’t know, something in that place fills me with peace, the Atmosphere, the Music, rivers and the Hunter’s wood Cabins are all soo beautiful.

The music with the ambience Wind/water sound on Grizzly Hills is such a peaceful Master piece, i don’t know, its “confy”? Sometimes i just go there, just to fish 'n cook while i hear the music and think about what to do next in the game. everytimes when i have to leave the place to do the recent game content, i get a bit sad.

I wish i could lvl 1-60 only in that place.

I am alone with this Grizzly Hills love?


That’s me with anything prior to WoD…

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Nope, it’s my favorite zone in all of wow. I would love to see the wow art team take another pass at a zone that looks like the most beautiful parts of Montana /Wyoming.

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Those zone are great for levelling. Not for having content in it 10 hours per week for two years. They get boring very fast.

Already played more in Shadowland zone than those zone and still have more to explore.

reroll hunter and go to the Hunter’s Lodge in Legion

OG Azshara was BiS

When they finally shut off the servers for good my hunter will log off in Grizzly for sure. Best zone in the game still.


I always feel odd when I see these threads because people love this zone so much.

For me the only Wrath zone I hated more was Zul Drak. I despised the quests in this zone. Sorry I know it’s a Grizzly Hills love thread.

I often think about how the sound design shifted away from ambient/world-building to “go get, fite!” in most recent expansions. I miss the old ambient style.


Hills and Fjords. Also I really miss old Stonetalon, there was an area near alliance flight point (still available in classic) and ambient there is SO strange and beautiful.

Oh, and nostalgia factor - BC for me. This feeling when you get first time to Hellfire Peninsula. Music, weird incline of the whole area, you feel you you will roll off the area. Then Shattrath, that music reminds me of some Pink Floyd. Whole BC areas were like gasp of fresh air, after classic.

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The current music lead was hired while developing Cataclysm. And they fired the old music lead during BfA.

But yeah when I go to Draenor the only thing I can think of is how trash the music is. Way too orchestrated.

Funnily enough, a lot of the Outland music was actually originally intended for Diablo 3.

You can not go 1-60 but you could get very close.
Whatever the minimum level is you could probably start a few before that.
Past 50, you could also technically party sync back down to 50 and continue playing there.
It would be very very slow leveling though.

But ya, great zone.

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I’m not super into the Grizzly Hills actually. It is pretty, but not the best thing ever for me. Howling Fjord was more of my thing in Northrend. Still green, but I like the steep cliffs and more open land. Very scenic.

You’re missing the game when it had simple zones. Now, every zone is so over the top it’s almost impossible to enjoy them - and definitely impossible to miss them in the future.

Places like the Desolace into Faralas into Ungoro Crater all felt drastically different but felt like you were in the same world. It was very nice.

Now we are literally porting to different sides of the universe/multiverse daily. It doesn’t feel as “home-y” anymore.

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Your not alone, my favorite zone in WoW as well, especially as far as music is concerned, but also aesthetics

Grizzly Hills is still my favorite of all time. I remember when I first set foot in the zone and the music started playing… whoa!

Too bad no one says they miss the composer who wrote the Grizzly Hills music, who was laid off and left in the dark by Blizzard.

He composed a lot of people’s favorite songs in the game. He said he’d be more than happy to do freelancer work for Blizzard and awaited a response from them, but they never did and went on to BfA without him…

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When that fiddle/violin hits, its just a feel

DAE Grizzly Hills, Witcher 3, Skyrim?