I messed up....kind of lost right now, help plz

I havent played WoW in like 7-8 years. Recently, my 11 yo son got the $125 game pack for his birthday, so I started playing again with him.

He was super excited and wanted to create a Vulpera. After a bit of research, I saw that to unlock Vulpera, you had to get Rep. So, my son and I basically skipped everything and went straight to the desert area (Vol’dun, I think) and started knocking out quests to get the rep while leveling.

Now, we’ve completed every quest in the entire area, and cannot find any more quests.

Also, I cannot do the achievements needed (Secrets in the Sands), because the mission is not available nor can we find the first quest or quest-giver.

I tried to get on wowhead and icy-veins to reverse engineer the quest chain and maybe find some per-requisite quests we missed, but I cannot seem to find the information on what we need to do.

Anyone have any advice or help? Thank you!

Wait until prepatch drops as they are removing all rep requirements. All you’ll have to do are the ambassador and storyline quests for race.

When does pre-patch drop? Also, I think we somehow skipped the storyline quests, so I am still rather lost. We jumped ahead in the story…

Go to wowhead, and look up the achievement called “Secrets in the Sands.” That is the achievement needed to unlock the vulpera. The comments section has a list of 80 quests that need to be completed in order to get the achievement. You may have already done many of those quests, so check your quest log to see if you have one there already.

The pre-patch will likely drop 09/22/2020 or 09/29/2020, so just a couple weeks away!