I looked at ironforge.pro and noticed the population is already shifting more in Horde's favor

Its been happening for years in retail, we are just making it happen a bit faster.


none taken, your opinion carries very little weight.

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I think Actiblizzard knows they screwed the pooch on this, it’s the reason for the radio silence. Queue times for horde have gone down presumably because the alliance are queuing at close to the same rate and horde are waiting for instant queues. It proves that faction balance was the best solution. Balancing the faction would have fixed the queue problem.

They can’t take it back now or the horde will riot, but it will make faction balance worse barely a month into TBCC, because they have taken away any incentive for horde to change factions with a lazy short sighted “test”.


and they cant implement it because alli will riot. what is the end effect? radio silence as you said, and no change being made. which equates to what? H v H not being implemented permanently, so noms can stop freaking out.

That’s true.

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What fits all the criteria in this blue post?

I’m just shocked how fast we became retail


Except your wrong.

When it was announced that same faction BG was a thing overall population, according to ironforge.pro was 45%-55% A:H, PvP servers was 40%-60%.

Checking it today it is 46%-54% A:H with 40%-60% PvP servers. So in fact, using your logic, the same faction BG IMPROVED the number of alliance players.

Stop making facts up to suit your narrative that somehow Horde zugzuging against each other is killing the alliance.


from your quote i read it as “H v H was the wrong way to try to fix BG queue times, we’ll work on something else and have it ready soon™”

So? Who cares? Just play the damn game

Imagine being obtuse enough to ask “Who cares?” on a forum filled with people arguing about it.


Well, if that’s what you got I guess I can’t argue with it.

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The “who cares?” is rhetorical. Obviously people seem to care… But what’s the point of the conversation? No matter what happens in the game you will NEVER have 50/50 balance… ever

Wow… TBCC is absolutely nothing like retail. I don’t know why I bother even stating the obvious…

Blizzard has not implemented the change yet. I don’t know when they will but maybe there is a small chance we can change their mind.

We just had this happen on Kromcrush.

They could have just not released it then…

I meant in regards to how fast the alliance died.

It took retail 10 years to get to this point and we did it in under 2 months.


lol wut? There is certainly not a significant amount of rerolls due to the BG change that has been proposed imho. At least I haven’t seen a single person say “oh the Q times are better now, let me abandon my ally faction and go horde specifically because of this change.”

Exactly how many people rolled ally in vanilla because of expected Q times in TBC?
I’ll wait.

A lot more people play Alliance for the queues than you realize. There are a lot of active PvPers that are just true lovers of PvP and the thought of going Horde at the cost of long BG queues is kind of unthinkable. I would never do that on a character I planned to PvP with. I have only ever done PvP as Alliance and PvE as Horde. That’s just my way I guess. Maybe I’m all alone.