I Like Our Server

I have seen a lot of discourse surrounding Angerforge, people saying how it is a dying server, and in general a lot of toxicity. I don’t want to invalidate anyone’s opinion. If you don’t want to play on this server I completely understand!
However, I just wanted to share that I’m enjoying my time on Angerforge! My guild is smaller, with maybe 10-15 raiders. We have been successfully pugging and clearing all of the content each week. Through our PUGs, we’ve met a lot of amazing people on this server, and with the smaller level 80 population I’ve really enjoyed meeting and remembering the players in our community.
We certainly aren’t a mega server, but if you’re still leveling on Angerforge, there IS a community of kind and willing players at max level who will group with you. We’ve shrunk, but the server isn’t dead. Not yet lol.

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