I like enhancement


I still like enhancement shaman and smacking stuff with a hammer and chucking lightning is just really what we wanted from WC3.

I hate to complain but the last 2 games have felt like we are being punished for my wishes tho. The last had my dream of “I wish I could just slap storm strike all day” feel from classic and it was pretty underwhelming. Now the wish of “I miss the windfury auto attacks of classic getting the ring burst of damage” is punishing us with unruly doomwinds keeping us standing close and redropping totems every min.

What I’m trying to say is that at least some of our voices were heard and I apologize for not having a more functional wish.

For my next wish I would like to ask for a totem to aid casters and ranged folks in cases where I party with 3 mana buddies and the tank and I are the only melee.

Thank you.