I kinda don't like spell batching

I think the batches are set to 400MS just like they were in vanilla. I think though that classic because it’s actually using the modern engine isn’t processing the batches the same way.

I don’t know that still doesn’t really read to me like the balance changes were done specifically with the batching in mind - but more along the lines of they just both existed in the same world; but I could be wrong.

No it is based on the recollection of an actual classic wow dev who was involved with class design up till WoTLK. Feel free to catch his stream and ask him yourself.

Also yes part of it is also based on my recollection and what I am experiencing currently on the beta.

Exactly and your toneality and sentiment has shifted and ultimately is agreement with what I have been saying since the beginning.

Once again it is nothing personal. I simply stated the reality of the nature of your first post and you have since shifted away from that mentality. We basically are saying the same thing at this point.

Also for clarification I simply stated that interrupts have always been pretty crisp and while the interaction between a late interrupt and a resulting cast still ensuing has always been a reality it is not as pronounced as you made it out to be in your initial post. I also would advocate that 85-90% casts were being more readily kicked then not.

It also seems to be behaving inconsistently on the beta with how it should be.