I just want to play with my friends

I really don’t care about much else. I just want to be able to log in after work and be available to raid.

Before they turned on layering I had to wait an hour and missed the first half of raid time. Now I get to play. I don’t know why other people get so upset about other people getting to play.

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Different people have different preferences.

The current situation is temporary, as far as we know.

It’s probably because you and your friends can play on any server, but layering has some pretty negative effects on gameplay experience.

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Then go to a different server…

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Same option is open to you. People really shouldn’t have to pay to transfer, which is what a lot of people would have to do because free transfers aren’t available to them, just cause some idiots are worried someone is going to get 2 black lotus, despite the fact people can actually afford them now.


Kind of eh… to take a situation someone was okay with (Que) and make it bad for them (Layer) and then say well you can just transfer off if you don’t like it no?

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Know what else has a negative gameplay experience? Limited lotus camped by bots.

Know what else has a negative gameplay experience? Not being able to play the game because of a 4-6 hour queue.

Sick Logic bruh


Sure, but layers don’t solve this? If they could have 10 bots at every spawn, why can’t they have 10 bots at every spawn on every layer?

Did they not open free transfers for Herod? You could have left to a server without a queue. And that queue wasn’t blizzards doing, it was the players.

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Because some people think that preserving overinflated prices for some flower and maintaining ownership of of world bosses in a singular world by certain guilds is more important than your ability to play the game.

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There is obviously a limit to how many they can camp.

Man you aren’t a very logical person are you? You realize some servers have had player bases transfer to them only to then causes queue’s? This also doesn’t take into consideration the fact I raid with a specific guild that I want to raid with, so it comes down to 39 other players as well.


It’s been quite noticeable how much easier it is to run into a lotus now. I’ve yet to search for it myself as I’m not a herb but seeing other players finding their very first lotus for themselves has been a pleasant experience.

Sure, do you know what that limit is? How do you know what that limit is?

Sure do, like I said, this was caused by players. I don’t see why you should take a problem for players caused by players and fix it with a problem for players caused by blizzard. It’s really unfair to the people that don’t want layers to make them be the ones who have to xfer to fix it.

So you chose to play with people who were okay with the queues and didn’t want to transfer to get rid of them? I don’t really see what your point is?

If you want to believe that layers are the thing fixing the problem go ahead, I certainly don’t know that they aren’t, I’m just saying that it doesn’t actually stop the problem outright. Won’t deny they can mitigate it though, but I think there are other better solutions.

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I won’t suggest that anything is solved either. Merely that it has given new opportunity so far and it’s lovely to see more players coordinate together to take advantage of it.