I just want my moggies need help

I have played about 1000 games (currently 1710 rated highest 1745) and I so over it. If one of you sweaty glads would like to help me with some pointers or just want to help me win 10 games to get to 1800 in 2v2 that would be fantastic. I’m resto sham and or ele.


Roll ele in shuffles, free 18 hundo ez money

If only that were true :smiley:

Trust, if you can handle the queue time, ele is super good right now in shuffles.

yeah nah not as good as you think it is

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how do people have enough time for 1000 games :frowning: i barely break 150 a season

Just run Volcanic Surge, Crit/Mast gear, Skyfury, Fire side or Lighting Rod build, On Use Badge, On Use Ascend and 2 tap people with Prim Wave > Stormbringer’d Lightning Bolts. Or Prim Wave > Hard cast Lava > Ascend. Or Prim Wave > Ascend > 1 Stormbringer’d Lightning Bolt. So many options!