I just hope Kalimdor's Horde gets content in Last Titan

I fell in love with Warcraft over 20 years ago because it was a franchise that took conventional monster races (Orcs, Trolls, Minotaurs) and humanized them. It made them as morally-complex and multifaceted as traditional “hero” races like Humans, Dwarves, and Elves.

But for 3 expacs now, they’ve been shelved. Largely, in Legion too.

Obviously, faction specific content has been pretty dead since BFA, but other races still have meaningful relations to the story. Such as Shadowlands & Dragonflight featuring Tyrande’s Arch, Ardenweald, the Emerald Dream, and New Teldrassil. TWW featuring Dwarven and Human lore. And Midnight obviously being some pan-Elven love letter.

I just hope the Horde bois go out with a bang when this is all wrapped up. I used to be a regular poster on these forums before Evil Warchief 2.0 nearly killed what attachment I had to WoW’s lore. But, thinking back to the good old days when my tribal monster dudes were the heroes of their own story, I just can’t quite kick it :cry:

Hope final expac really pushes Kalimdor’s Horde front and center to at least a third of the expansion again. Might be nice to give Forsaken a new city or something too, considering they were slighted just as much in BFA pre-patch, but without the 3 expansion long apology content Blizzard’s been pumping out for Night Elves :face_with_peeking_eye:


As I was gonna say before whatever happened the other day, I want more Horde-focused Titans or Keepers, like Hezrel.


Im still bummed that Hezrel died in that dungeon.


He died as horde live: unimportant and forgotten.


I don’t think last titan will be the last xpac of wow, just a fyi.

I’m hoping for forsaken content on northrend tbh


But we can still hope. Let the man hope.

I feel ya. I still play, but not for the story.

What makes you think Last Titan is the final expac?

Why are you actively hoping for the game to end, and if that’s how you feel about it, why even play?


You can cancel your subscription at anytime

Who said anything about me hoping it ends?

Im sure the OP knows that.

You said "We can still hope." Which by definition includes yourself.

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It could be for the same reason people wish the Simpsons or The Walking Dead had ended earlier: wanting the medium to end on a high note.

That would be assuming there’s a narrative ‘high note’ for Warcraft.

Wow is likely not ending anytime soon but WoW will end someday. No king rules forever afterall.

But I do think WoW still has a way. There are what, 4 more elemental focused expansion and then the final big boss that Zovaal saw, whatever that maybe,

Listen I am just making sure he does not feel alone.

I get the feeling the Last Titan will have content for Kalimdor’s Horde, especially since so far Sargeras’ sword is still in that continent.

That’s a bold claim when the only Kalimdorian race that matters to Blizzard are the Night Elves.

The Horde were side content in Shadowlands and Dragonflight, two expansions that dealt incredibly massively heavily in what should have been Horde themes.

  • The Black Dragon Flight and Thrall.
  • Shamanism and crazy elemental dragons.
  • The Dragonmaw were no where in the main story.
  • Three Horde races worship or were made by Death.
  • No one mattered at the traitor Warchief’s sentencing but Tyrande.
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but you can never leave

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Ahh man :rofl:

You have a point.

I hope it does pan out that the Horde gets some good content. Not to mention Anduin’s arc in TWW looks similar to Thralls from Legion to Shadowlands.

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