I just cant get into dev evoker. Its so bad

Ya I even turned off details altogether. It’s just not something I have any interest in from a gameplay perspective. Makes me tunnel on how everyone is performing instead of fixating on how good my rotation feels and how engaging the mechanics are to deal with. It’s like escaping from a rat race and finally experiencing the game again.

It’s a heavy distraction and for what benefit? To have some weird dopamine or jealousy or sense of competition? Isn’t it enough to just strive to tap into your full power as is?

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I started caring about it more last expansion when our guild, who never usually had a problem getting AoTC, started struggling a lot. It was a combination of the fights being generally unforgiving and the fact that a lot of our good raiders had to peel off for RL stuff.

So we had a bunch of underperformers in heroic with about 4-5 solid dps to carry them. We got heroic jailer just a few weeks before AoTC was gone after the many nerfs. I had to be on my A game because if i wasn’t, we wouldn’t succeed.

Almost didn’t get the Fated AotC either because our raid leader peaced out for a while because he was fed up.

This time around? Blizzard learned their lesson about critical mechanics with a lot of personal responsibility and it’s not been as bad. Less pressure to perform flawlessly. So now i mostly push myself for fun. It’s like a competition with myself.

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there are classes for everyone, i personally hate playing dwarves, doesn’t mean i should complain to blizzard to rework them into something else.

Yeah it is a personal preference thing largely but I don’t know if many people realize how much enjoyment that distraction takes away from the core experience of the game. It does completely transform the experience from the perspectives of feeling and reason. When you’re met with that much dopamine from being on top of damage meters, it becomes the end all be all of the experience.

“I play to parse” is a common sentiment in mmos, and I feel that’s a waste personally. The games are really good on their own and it makes me sad to think that people place so much value in this largely hollow side of it. It’s needless for success, and it comes at the cost of so much.

This is getting fixed in 10.0.7. Its been a bug since Alpha.

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I thought it was supposed to be in a hotfix that happened on tuesday. If i misread that i’ll be relieved because it’s still happening.

Edit. Nah that was in hotfixes. Which is disappointing.

I haven’t gone much past the starting area but their short casting range and soar limitations just give me the feeling that they are a gimped version of something that was envisioned to be far better. That doesn’t excite me in a way that’s going to convince me to set aside another alt to invest time in one.

That’s rich coming from you. XD

@op I enjoy my evoker. What spells do you find clunky that you’re using? They did fix some of the bugs recently which is a plus.

Yet it still happens.

I really want to love mine, but I’ve more or less stopped playing it after it became very apparent that Blizzard doesn’t know the problems with it, or what to do with it. Dracthyr as a race have kinda grown on me a bit, and I want to like their class fantasy, but it’s clear they put way more effort and time into preservation and devastation is an afterthought.

Maybe its just not for you? There’s a lot of specs i find clunky myself.

Dev Evoker works fine.

It’s bad.

Great showcase of the talent from the current team at Blizzard tho.

Diablo Immortal
Overwatch 2
Wotlk classic
Now Dragonflight.

It’s turning into quite the pile of garbage.

Why are you giving them money then?

Disliking something is fine but supporting something you dislike is nonsensical.

I’m not but I’ve wasted a lot of gold.

You’re still appearing in their MAU statistics. That’s support. Want to send a message? Move on completely.

Worked for me and god knows how many others who ditched WoW in SL. There’s a reason there’s no mission table or “dragon power” or “dragon covenants” in DF.

You can’t really compare caster mobility vs melee mobility.

There is never a time that you should have to interrupt a cast to move if you plan properly on devoker.

Yeah the only spells you can’t use in Hover are empowered ones.

Don’t know why people ever complained about these post Legion, you never even needed to touch them outside maybe 1 quest in BfA and SL.

I’m trying to. I’ve played this game for over half of my life. It’s not an easy thing to do.

I didn’t give up completely until I saw the state of DF on release and where it’s still at a week ago (haven’t played since then)

Still have a sub, so I am going to express my disappointment on the forums.

Was in the same boat when i quit in Legion then again in SL (barely played BFA).

100% thought i was finally done with the game in SL.

Then DF came around and fixed most of the issues i had with it.

You’re free to do so but its kind of a waste of time. Blizz look at statistics to make decisions.