I have lost all in-game audio

Yesterday, as I was fighting a mob in the Legion area, all of my game audio suddenly stopped. No music, no sound effects, no NPC voices can be heard. Nothing else about the game changed–my video is good, my framerates are good, no crashes–but all audio is gone.

  • I checked to see if I had accidentally muted my hardware–I had not.
  • I checked my hardware volume settings–all are set to 100% volume.
  • I checked my OS volume settings–everything normal, and audio is present in all other programs.
  • I checked the WOW game settings–all audio was on and not muted.
  • I closed the game and the launcher and restarted my computer–still no audio.
  • I used the Blizzard Scan and Repair tool–no change.
  • I even uninstalled WOW and reinstalled it–still no audio.

At this point, I am at the end of Ideas for how to get this game working properly again. I mean, I can still play, but the audio is a big part of the game, and without it, the game is much less immersive and interesting. So if anyone has any ideas for fixes, I would love to hear them, because I really don’t know where to go from here.

Thank you

We can’t help without a DxDiag. We’d just be guessing. Please add one :slight_smile:

did you reset the in game settings? ----esc ---- Sound — bottom left click Recommended — All Settings or These Settings — restart the game because the sound won’t work when you hit apply

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I don’t actually don’t know how to do one of those. I’ll have to look it up.

when you are in the game push the Esc key on the keyboard ----- click on System - click Graphics or Sound — click Recommended

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Thanks for the help, folks. I still don’t know what the actual problem was, but it is fixed. I ended up installing Windows 11 and all new drivers, reinstalling WOW, and voila, it works. Not a simple fix, but not too fiddly, either.

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