I have a hand tremor

It’s hard for me to click on skills when I need to and it’s really frustrating. I need to be able to give direct commands without have to constantly click over my skiils. What’s a good gaming mouse for this?

The Razer mouse, keyboard, gamepad are all really easy to map and loop sequences. Best way I have found to reduce playing the proverbial piano of ability keys. Easy to combine chunks of the action bar together. The “play while pressed” function is amazing to reduce the physical action of spamming keys.

Also, the in-game addon GnomeSequencer (GSE) is amazing for this when paired with the Razer stuff.

Corsair Scimitar Pro is the best one i’ve found, it’s got 12 buttons on the side. I use that and Bartender which allows your to adjust where your buttons go and how big you want them