I have a few assorted ideas


Ok, in no particular order, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few of them.

Ok, for starters, It would be super cool if the Druid, Monk, and Death Knight got portals to the portal room in their class halls. I mean, they already “sort” of do, in that they can go to Dalaran, then SW/Org, then travel to the portal room. It would be nice to just be able to go right there.

Next up, The mobile stuff. I know it’s coming, there’s nothing we can do to stop it. So why not make it something people will actually like?

So, I was playing Castlevania - HoD on the GBA, and I was farming for rare item drops. It’s a total waste of time, you just kill the thing, leave the screen, come back, and kill it again, repeat till your eyes bleed. As I was doing this, I had time to think.

What I was thinking was some sort of seporite game. It would have to be something that either had updates often, or was a rogue like. Something like Rogue Legacy, or Binding of Isaac. Something you can really replay.

So the idea of this game that I can play away from the computer, having an impact on the actual game seems a bit appealing. When I shut off the computer and head to bed… and pull out the tablet, it would be nice to be able to continue doing something to progress.

But what? What could be earned that wouldn’t piss people off?

Well, the kind of stuff you could earn via command table missions seems a good start. Gold, tokens to trade in for stuff, maybe peta and mounts and transmog stuff and toys.

Actual armor… why not? I mean, depending on the game it could work.

Imagine some sort of RTS game, or RPG, where at the end you got to open a treasure chest that could have a cool thing in it. The item could be anything, as long as the process to earn the thing was legit.

Another idea would be earning XP potions for leveling alts, or pointless crap. Like maybe a potion to let you have your whole pet battle team of three until you log out. That would be a cool prize.

I just don’t see why I have to be sitting in my computer chair with a mouse and keyboard to do the repetitive task of farming for crap. I can whack skeletons with my sword over and over and over again, for a miniscule chance at loot, anywhere. As long as the times match up, so that the new method isn’t drastically superior, I can’t imagine people complaining too much.

Ok, so now that that went on way longer than I was expecting, since the idea way basically “I wish playing this castlevania game was earning me stuff in wow, instead of just this game”.

Next idea.

Fix the classes and make them fun to play again.

Seriously it hurts the heart a bit thinking about all the wonderful things that are gone now, to be replaced by less than nothing.

We actually had pretty great setups as recently as WoD, for the most part. People were just sort of upset that there wasn’t much to do with it. We had all these cool abilities, and it was like, go sit in your garrison. Then you took away a lot of stuff for Legion, and we got it back in our weapons, and legendary stuff.

Then we lost the weapons, and the legos, and they were replaced by, well, shuffled talent trees. I mean, yes we have the Azerite Armor, but it sucks. I don’t even think about it as something that helps my characters. Yes, some of the stuff is better than nothing, but it’s just, totally stupid, for the most part, because I always have to either take the generic thing, that works for all the specs, or have nothing at least half the time, since I swap specs often on most of my characters.

Seven talents isn’t enough. I think it’s still seven. 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, and 100 you get the final one. There should be a lot more talents. And there should be ways to pick 2 on a row. I mean, just that alone would add a ton of awesomeness. I promise it wouldn’t break the game. Make like, I don’t know, maybe trinkets or rings that let you pick an additional talent of your choice. Whichever ones you want. I think 2 extra would be a decent compromize. So if you wanted you could take all three abilities in a row. And yes it could all be in the last row. Don’t put stupid limits. Let us play in our game.

You need to do something to get people enthusiastic again.

So anyone that read this far, what two extra talents would you pick? Well, I guess I’d have to know the other seven too. And why would it be awesome to have two more talents of your choice?

(Landusk) #2

How about wester exp or Cowboy hats then I be okish other then that…meh