I Have a Bone to Pick With Forsaken Customisation

I just wanted to mention a couple of gripes I have with the Shadowlands options for Forsaken. I know they’re all mostly done, but it can’t hurt to bring them up and they have quite a few less options compared to most core races (just under 150, while humans have a bit under 250).

  1. These little piggies:
    With the new, less boney options Forsaken lose the talons, essentially just getting fingers and toes. Great. However the toes still poke through boots, meaning they’re basically walking around with their piggies out to market. Can they please get closed boots with these options?


  1. Upstanding citizens:
    Forsaken can stand up straight and look quite good when they do. Can we please get an option like orcs?


  1. Drop dead handsome:
    The last option I’d like to see added is facial hair. I feel that having some adds a lot of variety and character to a male face in a medieval-esque world. As an aside, hair continues to grow after people die, so it even makes sense biologically. The example I found on Google is just a Kul Tirans moustache sticky taped on, but I think it looks great.


Is there anything else people feel would make a good addition? Have I got terrible taste? Please discuss.


Is it just the toes that stick out on the non bony options? I hate that the elbows do too on the regular model. It’s odd that the toes still stick out.

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All the male models need facial hair because they’re all ugly and need the hair to cover it up. Blizz please.


Increased rot - Jawless femsaken. Full skeletons.


The elbows are covered, the fingers aren’t but that’s whatever. Fingerless gloves are less weird to me than walking around with holes in my plate boots for my toes to breathe.


Full skeleton would be epic. I have the toy I sometimes use but it’s just a toy. Can you imagine walking around as a skeleton. Amazing


Yeah, that’s not the best look. I hope they fix it. I think various stages of decay would be a good option too, but I doubt they would go that far with it.

I didn’t realise that wasn’t a thing already tbh.

I’m all for more options but if they gave forsaken upright positions then they should also give them to worgen males (which is also heavily requested). That would be 2 horde races that got a pretty big custom option over alliance at that point.

Adding on to this. Very upset the males got no facial hair and no fully skeletal option.
VERY upset with the later really, I think playing a skeleton would be peak and noggenfogger just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Deleting forsaken because we’re literally going to the afterlife.

Shed your rotten corpses already, jeez.

Let me guide you to the light!

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Have you seen the total numbers of customisation options for the two factions? Alliance has literally hundreds more.


Female Forsaken currently don’t even get to hide toe bones. All of the hidden bones options leave the toe bones exposed for the female Forsaken.

Yes to full skeleton, more faces (desperately more faces), and it would be cool to, say, fill in the bony joints but keep some other bones showing, preferable to all or nothing.

Beards for forsaken! Chiropractors for forsaken! Unhealed scarification tattoos for forsaken! Flesh is peeled away in designs, so when they heal, the scars create art but for forsaken I think it would look best unhealed and fresh

Hate to be pedantic, but hair does not continue to grow after death. The skin retracts, exposing more hair giving the illusion of growth.

That being said, the more beards, the better. Undead, Trolls, Goblins, Vulpera, even Blood Elves and lady Dwarves… we need more beards.


Yes please. More customization for the Forsaken, and more customization for everyone else too!
:zombie: :woman_zombie: :+1:t2:


It would actually be pretty cool if when we go there Forsaken get to choose a human appearance that is only visible in SL areas.

That’s never gonna happen but you raise a point even though you’re joking. Why do we still look rotten?

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We’re not going to the Shadowlands as spirits.

How are their new banners going to look btw?

Isn’t it currently just Sylvanas’s face?