I hate warglaive placement

Warglaives sit way too high up on our backs, especially for blood elves. Since they made our weapons huge they stick out even further. I feel like a pair of walking scissors when they’re sheathed. I really wish they were placed further down in the middle of the back.

I always end up transmogging my warglaives. I’m curious if I’m the only one annoyed by this. I’m a new DH so I’m not sure if others have brought this up.


I want warglaives to sit on my head like antlers to show off my dominant place in the hierarchy and to ward off competitors in mating.

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I’ve never been a fan of them being overly large and sitting up that high either, but I never transmog other weapons.

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Thats why I use the tank artfact, it https://www.wowhead.com/guide/legion/artifacts/aldrachi-vengeance-demon-hunterstays perfectly placed, its more like a fist weadon.

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Link’s not working, but yeah, I do prefer the legion tank glaives, depending on the mog.

I’m always reminded of a stag beetle.


Yep, it looks incredibly bad.
The placement of warglaives is fine on female nelfs and belfs.
The placement is fine on males in demon form.
The placement of bows, which have the same shape as warglaives, is totally fine on male elves.
But for some reason beyond understanding, Blizzard decided that warglaives on male elves need to be placed with the handles above the shoulders and 70% of the weapon in the air above the character, with barely any part of it even touching the back.

Blizzard should at the very least put some kind of back-slot cosmetic item for demon hunters in the trading post so that we can hide that horrendous weapon placement with it.

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if you have a night elf and the heritage armor you get a set of 3 dirfferent glaive transmogs that appear in the 1 hand sword section on the transmog menu. They are a cool ninja star glaive and they completely hide when sheathed. It’s probably your best bet if you still want glaives but not the huge ones on your back.

Ya, I agree!! They should put warglaives on our hips instead!!